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  • mfl101 mfl101 Jan 24, 2013 2:12 PM Flag

    Profitable, record production, clean balance sheet, lots of cash

    & trading below book??!!

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    • I Think the $600 million purchase of Navidad, which will never get developed, and that silver seems to be range bound are hurting the stock. It might not happen this year but the mines in Bolivia will be nationalized or have so many restrictions that they will not be competitive.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • I think Navidad can eventually be developed. The leftist big govt types know they cannot develop and mine these deposits on their own because they lack the expertise and will never be able to attract the talent if they take a turn toward Chavez style govt. The alternative is to allow them to mine, creates a lot of jobs (and tax revenues.) There are consequences to nationalizing resources, and the capital and talent exodus is a main consequence. #$%$ leftists are evil people, but they aren't that stupid (I hope!) LOL

        Regardless, Navidad has essentially been completely erased from PAAS valuation. So any news on that front can only be positive.

        PAAS needs to get on the ball and just go ahead an acquire First Majestic. That will mitigate a whole bunch of geopolitical risk in one fell swoop and put them solidly as a 60M+ oz Ag-equivalent producer rivaled only by Fresnillo. It would also drive down costs per oz and incorporate a lot of shareholders who are happy and satisfied. Now that First Majestic has acquired Orko's 240M ozs, they are sitting on a lot of ozs and it would be accretive on that basis also. (recognizing that PAAS resource base is dominated by Navidad. First Majestic has a respectable resource base now with La Guitarra and La Preciosa being added. They also have the best mine building and technical teams around and would be a great addition to PAAS.

        If PAAS waits too long they will end up being acquired by AG. LOLOLOL

        Cmon Burns, if your not going to use all that cash and buy productive assets while silver is in the trough at least buy back some shares and add some bullion to the balance sheet.

        Sentiment: Buy

    • The question remains when to begin adding shares again for a nice gain.

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