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  • tdm14617 tdm14617 May 28, 2013 6:36 PM Flag

    How many time will you repay that 4.10% dividend?

    many times I believe and on top of that you will have to pay tax on it. So, what will be the final return on your investment? Watch the 7 year bear market on silver, it is here to stay.

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    • You know what, your predictions can come true, i.e. bear market can continue very long and it would bring numerous calamities and so on. I can even understand your zeal in propagating these ideas; hopefully it is just a reaction to overzealous pump happening too often on these boards. Correct?

      However, PAAS is one of the safest stocks in this sector. It means that it will last longer than many peers, in case of bad scenario. Yes, if the outcome is totally negative then it is not a big consolation; though in many interim scenarios, when things go bad but not to the very end, PAAS can bring certain positives for agile investors.

      In other words, this is stock market, anything can happen. Mere mortals cannot know how long this bear will continue. It is good enough if they know which side of the world they stand right now.

      Regarding dividend, it is a neutral thing, by investor perspective, in bad markets. You collect dividend and pay tax, but tax rate is the same as for long-term capital gains. No difference. When dividend is paid, share price gets down by the same amount. Zero sum.

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