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  • forbespointperson forbespointperson Jul 16, 2013 10:54 AM Flag

    Headed back to a 52 week high - $23 plus!

    The share price has way over adjusted to the down side and and is ready for a climb back to its 52 week high.
    I say to $23 by year end!
    Remember the real unemployment rate is north of 14%!
    The failed policies are well about being revealed.
    Go ahead and ask me, what failed policies.

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    • It keeps going UP!

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    • Appears we are on the way to a new 52 week high.
      Up over 3% again today.

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    • Today is representative of what is coming!

      New 52 week high is coming!

      Target = $23

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    • dcpayne1 Jul 19, 2013 1:31 PM Flag

      And while a short squeeze in gold will work wonders for it and silver, the price impact on the viscerally-loathed and apocalyptically-oversold miners will be awe-inspiring. In late June as gold hit its most oversold levels of its secular bull, the miners were literally left for dead. Their flagship index was trading at exactly where it first traded 9.8 years earlier when gold and silver were merely priced near $390 and $5.25!

      This absurd short fundamental anomaly will unwind fast as gold surges, catapulting the precious-metals stocks far higher.

    • Quick Take: Silver Bottom Has Passed
      BY Bret Kenwell| 07/18/13 - 11:41 AM EDT
      NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- After Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's testimony on Wednesday, precious metals were volatile. Telling TheStreet's Joe Deaux where he thinks they're headed next is Bradford Cooke, CEO of Endeavor Silver Corporation.
      After initially jumping on Bernanke's testimony, the metals worked their way lower during the Q&A portion of his Capitol Hill visit. However, Cooke isn't concerned with the day-to-day moves of silver or how it initially reacts on days when the Fed is in the headlines.
      Instead, he says it's more important what the Fed has to say, rather than what the market's knee-jerk reaction is.
      Seasonally, silver and gold tend to bottom in the summer, before making an upward run in September through February. Cooke doesn't expect that to change this year, saying he expects silver to be higher by year's end.
      He added that the metal, often referred to as the "poor man's gold," has had a tough six months of trading and looks to be creating a saucer bottom, which is a long-term, subtle bottoming pattern.
      And while many analyst expect tapering to begin in September, Cooke's not buying it, stating that the economy and labor markets are still too weak to endure a withdrawal of stimulus.
      But how the U.S. dollar reacts to tapering will likely be the fate of metal prices. The dollar has been remarkably strong this year, hurting metals. If it weakens, that would support higher silver prices.
      Cooke added that many fund managers tend to go where the opportunity is.
      After a strong year in the stock markets, he says they are going to start looking at different markets where more opportunity exists. Specifically, silver and gold.

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    • Paulson: Drop in gold doesn't worry me
      By Jeff Cox | CNBC – 5 hours ago@cnbc

      Legendary hedge fund manager John Paulson remains undaunted by the huge plunge in gold, maintaining that the case for owning the yellow metal remains strong.

      Perhaps no name has been as synonymous with gold's woes as Paulson, who made his reputation by shorting subprime mortgages prior to the financial crisis unfolding in 2008 and 2009.

      Since then, his star has dimmed as a big play he made in gold has gone sour. An expected surge in inflation still hasn't happened, and many investors have bailed as the price has fallen.

      Silver will follow gold and sky rocket soon!

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    • The technical charts are all favorable.

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    • Silver is back above $20 per ounce. Hang on for the ride as I see silver soaring and not just in my dreams.
      PAAS could invoke a serious short squeeze while the shorts cover. Shorts have benefited all they are going to for the recent price destruction in silver.
      Peter Schiff even like commodities.

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    • Looking to squeeze the shorts on all the way to $23.

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    • Up almost 2% in one day!

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