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  • cchicago86 cchicago86 Oct 11, 2013 8:31 PM Flag


    From 40 to 10, lost 75%. It may lose another 40-50%. It seems bottomless.

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    • Looking back carries little sense, in general, and it is usually counter-productive in stock investment business. Market is a forward-looking mechanism. It will never assign value to a stock based on price that this stock had 3-4 years ago. This idea just sounds too ridiculous.

      It should be also noted that PM sector is not cyclical, not in sense common for regular miners or any other commodity business. It is futile to count here on upward movement coming regularly every 3-4 years. Look at history: PM bull market ended in 1981 and next one started in 2003, 20+ years pause.

      In my opinion, one should return to investment roots. Market basics always considered that PM investment is a hedge. You can keep small part of your portfolio in gold/silver just in case these strange and unpredictable commodities will suddenly start going up. It is too risky and costly to rely on “experts” continuously promising that gold/silver will for sure go up next month/year/etc.

      In other words, getting rich quick (by investing in great gold play that will go to sky soon) is too difficult. One may succeed on stock market through hard labor and slow grind only. It is tough to swallow, but it is true.

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