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  • cybercash28 cybercash28 Nov 2, 2012 11:59 AM Flag

    Crossed over ma-200 today

    If market a little bit stronger, EW will close above and go to $95.

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    • I forgot to mention yesterday that our president invited executives from all sectors to the WH for the meeting but DID NOT invite executives from wall streets. The reason is huge % did not support him. I love the TV show Revenge. Our president will win an Oscar if he an actor in his own revenge show. Great example for our kids mr. President!!!

    • I watched our president today on CNBC. He was so comfortable. The attitude said he is the president now so who cares if our retirement accounts dropping like a rock. He has no compassion for the people. If he wants to compromise with the GOP, his voice would show the desire for working together. We are dealing with a crisis that can lead to a global recession and he was talking like he was making a decision on which designer will be good for his wife. Lol! Please stop me here or I will spend two hours writing about the accomplishments of our first lady in the last four years...well, how many designers did she hire??

      The consequence of a fiscal cliff is so huge, a recession. He even said it. So, mr. President, we did not see that in your attitude, your voice, your spirit.

      I have no words to describe what I saw today. An arrogant president who puts his ego first. I actually prayed for him but after I saw him today, I really think we are the hard working Americans are being punished for something??

      Please be the president for ALL americans.

    • Thank you mr. President for your gift, the first day you won the presidency. The market loves you. I hope the ones who voted for you are happy with their retirement accounts today.

    • With sadness, I I announce that our new president will inherit a big mess from the current president.!!!!!!

      Have a great day.

    • Double top break out today. P& F chart has $107 target.

      Do not forget to vote. Vote the person with great leadership and it is clear that our country needs Mitt Romney. Our president Obama is a nice guy, has no leadership skills, could not work with both parties. When he is a president, he is a president for ALL. Too much hates, negativities. Not good example for our children.

      Please read request from the CEO of GOOG. We can see why is is the founder of independent when you are a president.

      Romney has all the requirements we need. I know what I am saying and I am an independent. I have to party hat to blind me. Love our country, not the party. Be kind. President Obama belongs to Hollywood....

      Good luck USA!!! Good to all of us. We are talking about the future of our children!!!

    • needs to close over $88.42 to confirm, but close enough,
      picked up 1k shares this morning, might add another 1k.

      good luck

      Sentiment: Buy

      • 1 Reply to turdadot
      • If you have 4 years to complete a project with great pay for life and all the glory like free car, parking space, window office looking at Newport beach and at the end of four years you didn't deliver. In fact you make it worse like |

        Over budget
        Made enemies with your team members, divided team members. Playing politics
        Good employees left your team

        Would Mr. Mussalem give you four more years???? Or you will be glad to let go with a great package and pension for life to live like a king?

        America, when did we loose our mind?

96.04-3.04(-3.07%)Jun 24 4:03 PMEDT