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  • seabiscuit57 seabiscuit57 Jan 11, 2011 6:16 PM Flag

    IBM Buying Ants ?

    Now that contracts will be coming in per se: 2011,
    How many contracts will it take before IBM says, enough sharing revenue with Ants, time to
    Buy Ants ! Any Guesses?

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    • Too bad they have to go the route of the market trolls,
      I see a buyout comming and it won't be pretty,
      esp. if under a $1


      Dont Blink...............

    • Doesnt really matter when.. we all win when they do. Was fortunate enough to make a few bucks on this when it took a run last winter up to 3.10. In plenty heavy now and hoping it will send my kids to college some day!!!!!

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      • I think you are absolutely correct! If you have enough shares of ANTS it could very well send your kids through college! With the contracts coming in through IBM and the negotiating of the migration contracts through ANTS, the income to ANTS should start to grow this year and then grow exponentially, which will increase the value of the stock. It looks like some investors are purchasing large blocks of this stock and holding on to it. Very smart! It would be a very good time for IBM to negotiate the purchase of ANTS since IBM's stock has taken off. The DB2 IBM program is in direct partnership with ANTS and when IBM sells their DB2 product ANTS benefits in the long run as ANTS must negotiate the Migration process for IBM to ultimately get paid on their sales. The end result is ANTS generates large contracts from its partnership with IBM. At least that is the way I read the overall information provided by ANTS and IBM. In my opinion, this is a VERY STRONG BUY!

    • Jes, mamma say ibm izza bonne blew stock. at new yeer hi

      go bik brew

    • "Any guesses"?,,,,, OK, I'll guess,,,,,, no time soon, if ever.

      Why do you think IBM didn't develop skins themselves? They certainly could. I'd guess part of why they didn't is because dealing with competitors products and documentation is contaminating and risks lawsuits. Have someone else build it, however, and you don't risk contaminating your own developers and have a stronger legal shield.
      Buying ANTS could also muddy the relations between SAP and IBM.

      I also think the revenue you speak of is peanuts in terms of the total revenue IBM already sees from it's own side. I haven't noted that IBM buys companies that are underwater. Not to mention what appears to be a lot of liabilities they would take on if they acquired ANTS.

      When you look at some of the players ANTS has put onboard, it sure looks like they are trying very hard to be bought out. They may in fact have hurt their potential to be bought out by putting some big name exIBM folks on their side.... since it sure would look like insider wheeling/dealing if they were bought out, wouldn't it?

      Maybe they will be, but there are reasons they may not be too. It is not a slam dunk conclusion in my mind.

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      • If your not going to give any large corporation a revneue stream, they are not going to be interested in your product. I would read this profile:
        sounds like Ibm is in BED with Ants.

      • Go back to school. You only have a cursory understanding of the ANTS/IBM partnership, it's players and how this all evolved. Partial knowledge when much more data is available to you to broaden your understanding may give you liberty to an opinion, but not to us taking that opinion seriously. Either you have been lazy to read up, or just haven't had the time. And the whole legal thingy you point out is spurious and, perhaps, disingenuous: IBM inked an OEM agreement and sell the ANTS ACS as their product, the IBM db2 sql skin. And I have to believe their lawyers have a grasp of legal issues much better than you ever would.

        Perhaps I am being uncharitable to you, but it is rather unimportant to discuss these issues with you when you obviously haven't done enough homework yet. Start with the ANTS "white papers" and read them all. Look up the patents ANTS has filed, search and read and watch every scap you can find about every thing about ANTS, the people who work with them, the ex-IBMers who are on board guiding and advising. Listen to the Rome presentation announcing the ACS from IBMs Conference.
        Then and only then will I take your opinions for more than a dollop of Worschershire sauce.

    • Yep-- My first theory after the fall from $3

      IBM might make a generous offer of $1 -$12.50 a share and everybody will take it

    • Contracts? Maybe 270, thereabouts.

    • 1.7 years est. Then add .75 years because these things take 6-9 months longer than I always expect = 2.25 to 2.5 years from today.

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