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  • barbarakleen barbarakleen Nov 11, 2010 5:11 AM Flag

    Charting the floor for

    I'm no expert picking up technical indicators, but is reporting on VOL metrics.

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    • ... fundamentals will be what drives this company over the next 2 years.

      The question to ask yourself is this:

      Are the statement revisions likely to produce problems that will overcome the emerging strength in temporary hiring at this "optimal" point in the economic cycle for this industry? Because the statement issue is one of "timing" and not of "magnitude", does that lessen the exposure? How much of the low price of VOL is due to "uncertainty" about the statements that will provide a "snapback" in the price once it all comes out in the open... irregardless of how bad it is unless it's REAL bad (eg: markets HATE uncertainty). Is VOL, with all the "awards for excellence" it accumulates, participating in the current strength in this industry (which can't be ascertained accurately until statements are released).

      There is risk in VOL... there is risk in EVERY decent "contrarian" play you'll ever do and I would submit that the best investments are never comfortable because if they we're, you'd simply be following the "herd"...

      ... and the "herd" is usually wrong because they're all in at the top and all out at the bottom.

      To me, this looks like much more like the bottom for VOL that it looks like the top......

      ..... so, here I am!


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      • interesting post...

        the rate of cash burn in getting this behind them is very alarming.

        also, in reading the official releases on the volt website, it looks as though they went from 100m unrestricted cash to about 45m unrestricted cash.

        there may be other reasons for this but they are down to 45m unrestricted, and thatas a fact.

        with no end in sight for ths saga, i cut my exposure in half...