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  • dogdaysofoctober dogdaysofoctober Dec 4, 2010 2:34 PM Flag

    Look for more mass dumping on DV...

    Translation: He has an "overweight" inventory of DV and needs to unload it. And judging by the PUMPnDUMP action on Friday, looks like he and others have already started to unload their "excess inventory" of DV.

    Folks, DV is a trading stock and unless you have the tools and expertise to trade as trading professionals do, you have no business with DV.

    Even Pro Traders get burned on crap stocks like DV, APOL etc.

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    • Exactly! So many people get sucked into these crap stocks like DV. They buy into the hype l ike the nonsense a few months ago that call volume was bullish. Call volume was from investors selling, not buying calls and that my friends is not bullish but bearish. Notice that since some sensible, concerned people have exposed that b.s. about calls that you no longer see it anymore?

      So now we have this other crap which people like yourself are exposing and of course the perpetrators who make up this crap are upset with you. These are the same guys who were cheer leading dv since last spring claiming that it would go to $100 when it was way overbought at $74.

      It's really a shame that these reptiles are out there trying to suck in the naive.

      All I can say is keeep on keeping on. Let's expose these clowns once and for all and protect the innicent and naive from getting burned.

    • pure nonsense of a lecture!
      your motivation is?

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