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  • itchy_pickle itchy_pickle Nov 9, 2011 11:29 AM Flag

    My advice to all

    is to read company press releases of the last couple months. Review Q3 cc transcript, including Q&A. Look at a tear down of a IPhone 4S. Take the p/n's to the TQNT website and find out what they are. Use the internet to research those components to understand their worth. You don't need to be a RF engineer to understand. AAPL is a 35% customer-it's important what they are buying. You could do this in one to two hours easy. The toughest thing is to understand those IP 4S components, but it's important. That was worth a $2/sh price swing a month ago. Investing in stocks is surely a guessing game, the best you can do is try to make an EDUCATED guess.

    For extra credit; learn about TQNT's competition, because as much as TQNT is screwing up the competition is playing a top notch game.

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    • Blah, blah, blah.

      We have already picked apart earnings and guidance - this is all old news.

      The stock was oversold and is sitting on the bottom - the only discussion right now is when it pops / when to buy and sell.

      When/if the macro market improves, TQNT will move up - right now it's moving lockstep with others like AMD although doing less badly then they are.

      If you're short then just cover and reverse to a long trade...ranting on the board all day won't change your position and it's all old news you're trying to persuade us to reinvent.

    • Some shorts are hurting badly today. Some gamblers probably shorted a stock like TQNT with a real book value of $5.60 per share and now try to convince others with their negativity. I think, you cannot find a value stock like TQNT anywhere. TQNT will reward its investors with a huge gain and profit eventually.

      RFMD is a gamble and it will drop to $5 or lower by next few quarters.

    • What happened to "One last thing"? You promised.