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  • ezjetpilot2004 ezjetpilot2004 Jan 29, 2012 2:03 AM Flag

    Will TQNT beat earnings?

    Is the association to the Apple product going to shine through on the earnings? Are they likely to miss? Would like your opinions.

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    • estimate is low ,this time will meet or better

    • One would suppose. The same holds true last quarter and the quarter before, but TQNT was not able to bank on that and failed to deliver. It was due to mis-calculation by the mangement by ramping the wrong products. I hope this time around they've learned from their previous mistakes and give us investors some good news.

    • Stated perfectly. However, the negativity surrounding management is a risk but an opportunity as well. It really leaves us guessing on the upcoming earnings. A significant move in either direction could happen.

    • Great comments..

      I was long and took profits.

      Decided to get back in..

      Current price fluctuations are meaningless, I see the real appreciation for TQNT happening in later 2012.

      However, I would like to know more about the lawsuit..

      Do you guys think that this will affect earnings?

      Any updates that I should know about??

    • Well said!!

    • I think this qtr we do have more information and points of reference that allows one to surmise Q4 will be at least $215 million and Q1 at least $200 million midpoint. Analayst consensus $219 and $204 or $423 and TQNT will do minimum $415 million.
      When they reported Q3 of $216 they guided Q4 to be 215 -225 million. They stated that they had orders in backlog to ship 90% of the midpoint or $198 million. The book and ship buiness would be $28 to exceed top of the range guidance of $225.
      The issue was how much of the backlog was Foxcom, the largest expoerter in china and the largest contract manufacturer in China with Apple as it major customer. Foxcom was 33% of sales in Q3.How much of these orders could be pushed out or cancelled?
      Well Apple in fact needed moreproduction than their $38 billion guidance ans shipped $46 billion and stated China began in Jan selling Apple and demand would be staggering. So we can assume orders from Foxcom will be more than the street expected. Q4 could be over $225 and Q1 could be $220 midpoint but the qtrs will not be underwhelming like RFMD.
      It looks like business is going to be more than OK. Second the CEO at Needham was much more positive than in his Oct CC. He could not comment on Apple but said 2012 would be a good year. That doesn't mean starting off Q1 with estimates under $200 million lack of visibility into Q2 does it?
      TQNT will surprise to the upside, IMHO.

    • If 37 million I Phone 4S were sold last quarter and TriQuint supplied two of the components in that unit, how could they not be on the positive side of the earnings picture for the quarter? Any idea what these two components are worth from a $ standpoint?

    • You get a thumbs up from me for proper use of the saying "I couldn't care less". So many people get it wrong.

    • ...maybe, maybe not...I hope you're right because I have my largest position ever at my lowest avg./price/share...that said I'm on "fool me twice shame on me" and that ain't happening...again, it's an individual risk/reward evaluation regarding whether one buys before or after earnings, I don;t see any real reason to buy before if you're an INVESTOR...if you're a trader you're on your the end I really couldn't care less what anyone else does, just wanted to give some "investment" (not trading) perspective from someone who has been here a long time vs. the typical carpetbagger/medicine man view...take it for what it's worth...

    • There was not one question about the lawsuit at the Needham CC, The company was very upbeat. After the problems of last year I would think management would be very cautious with their optimism, the fact that they seemed very bullish with the history everyone knows about, makes me optimistic. The analyst day is March 6 and I think the guidance on this earnings call will set the table for even more optimistic outlook on march 6.

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