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  • lakers_w lakers_w Feb 22, 2012 8:51 PM Flag

    AVGO CC: Charter Equity, AVGO CEO ack'ed TQNT Duo PAD major design win

    Edward Snyder – Charter Equity Research

    Sure. We’ve seen several of your competitors on these calls show a product in the dual-band PAD, a new architecture that – that are being offered now or by mid-year or so and given this looks to be something that’s catching traction with some of the bigger Smartphone OEMs, I was wondering, do you have a product out there now, or do you plan on being in production with one this year?

    Hock Tan

    Ed, Hock Tan here. We talk about PAD architecture, in fact, last conference call or the one before that. PAD architecture, which is [inaudible] with power amplifier in the module, something we’ve been promoting for a while, and obviously, we do it with our FBAR very nicely. And this is something that’s been going on, nothing rather unusual. Now, some OEM customers who has a preference for it versus others who prefer to use discrete components and we address them where they [inaudible] in terms of one you mentioned is concentration of revenue in wireless. You know, our concentration is pretty spread out among many [inaudible] because as I mentioned, we chase programs, none of them customers on product, products that we can differentiate ourselves. So we have a lot of our products, all of them multiple phone makers. In fact, just about every major OEM and Smartphone maker, we probably have at least one if not multiple programs. And that’s because of the nature of our product. You know, we have integrated modules, front-end modules that has both power amplifier and duplexes already shipping in many customers including in Korea and a few other places. We already did talk about PADs as perhaps a [inaudible] on the derivative of the structure down the road.

    So it’s really nothing new and it’s not a concentration issue, it’s just the fact that we have products and they’re similar that’s spread across multiple OEMs. And in those – in programs, where again, we tried to price ourselves where the customer is willing to pay a premium.

    Edward Snyder – Charter Equity Research

    But I’m specifically talking about dual-band PADs. I understand PADs have been around for a while and then used in architectures going back two or three years now, but it appears that the industry is moving to these new dual-band devices, [inaudible] and [inaudible] have both shown product and it is – it looks like to be favorable to one of your largest customers. So I was just specifically asking about that.

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