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  • ww4231 ww4231 Mar 12, 2012 6:04 PM Flag

    Apple teardown


    there is much chatter on this board about apple teardown of the new ipad. One thing that has been obviously missing from the discussion is the concept that Apple is moving more and more towards non reliance on single suppliers. So any teardown information will likely be misleading, as some individual pieces will be shipped/potentially teardown analyzed with one supplier and subsequent pieces will be shipped/potentially teardown analyzed with a competing supplier.
    If you look at the recent history of TQNT share movements based on alleged apple representation , you see a clear fakeout for traders/investors. People have either bought or sold and wound up losing money on this criteria. People should be focussing more on the company giving revenue and earnings guidance than this amateurish focus on bits and pieces which have not and will not likely give a realistic picture of TQNT's fundamentals.

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    • Do you have any idea how much rigor they go through to build those space components? It takes them months and months; they put on one part or two and then put it through a series of tests. Then they put on another part and do it again.

      There is an awfully lot riding on any AAPL product. They have a rabid fan base and they can't allow anything to soil their reputation. They are the largest corp in the World; they have millions of investors to be responsible to and on and on. If they have a section of their product that is working almost flawlessly they are not going to fiddle with it. And besides, that just means more work for the engineering team to fix something that isn't broken just to broaden their supply chain.

    • No you are wrong there. Pre's been on this board for a long time. I don't know his position but he has offered a lot of good and compelling things for us to consider. I don't think he has an agenda but is just calling it like it is. Not sure why he has taken offense to you but whatever, don't worry about it.

    • Pre why you hating on him? He's just offering his opinion. It is food for thought and your counters are equally interesting and valid. I am bullish on TQNT but he's got a point. Some ICs can in fact be interchangeable. But others can not without a lot of work. It depends greatly on if it is an ASIC, ASSP, or straight up standard product. Do you know which of these Triquint's are? Even an ASIC can be interchangeable and I think with Apple's leverage they could feasibly have several suppliers in line to help them out. Then in again it could be the other way...they are relying heavily on one supplier (for a given function). It would be really nice to have real, verifiable, insight on this but I don't think we'll find it.

    • You might be the self described world's smartest person, but you know nothing about a 4G/LTE radio. It is a highly integrated customized work of art. It is not comparable to a piece of glass or the screws that hold the case together. There will be one supplier for each RF component for all of AAPL's 4G devices. The IPAD3 RF will be the same as the IPhone 5 and any other AAPL using 4G. Probably for the next couple years. The AAPL IPhone3 and IPad2-ATT went for three years- from first off the line until end of production unchanged. The RF section of a phone/tablet is a several watt transmitter that has to be FCC approved- it can not be changed or fiddled with.

      The stacks are truly high with this teardown.

    • Good one, ww. Don't answer the challenge, change the argument. What you have is a thesis, a conjecture. You can make that the basis of an investment, happens all the time. But it doesn't make it true. Not does it make is a standard by which to judge anything. It's just a hypothesis. And a disinteresting one at that.

    • When is the teardown?

    • Sorry I do not agree with your analysis. Tear downs establish who is in and who is out.

      Apple's suppliers are under very strict rules with regard to disclosure. APPL only recently officially acknowledged a vendor supply list. Thus, analysts who build bottom up component based analysis have to wait for the tear down to see if some vendors stayed the same or went up or donw in the number of components placed.

      Until it is known, all sorts or rumors and FUD are circulated, some which have more impact that others with stock movement.

      With that said, yes, sometimes too much emphasis is placed on tear downs. It is only one aspect in an analysis that should be done.

    • If you listen to the analyst day presentation you will hear them talk about the fact that modules are becoming smaller and functions are being combined. Thus in the future you will see more single source awards. This will be a big change .