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  • lakers_w lakers_w Jan 31, 2013 5:52 PM Flag

    1Q13 SWKS CC: low-end CMOS PA market is tiny

    Mike Burton - Brean Capital LLC, Research Division
    That's helpful. And also your view on the CMOS PA market. You guys obviously bought the volume supplier at the time when you bought Axiom. Can you maybe size that market for us now? That market is progressing to some day capture low-end 3G. And if so, what sort of impact would that have on the space and for Skyworks obviously?

    David J. Aldrich - Chief Executive Officer, President and Director
    The low-end CMOS PA market is tiny, frankly, because the 2G market continues to decline in units and in price. We do CMOS. We do low-end gallium arsenide. We do very cost-effective front-end modules to take that PA and integrate it with switch and control and logic to have it more integrated solution. But we're finding that the market for those discrete 2G products is dwindling. And so it's not frankly not a very attractive market for us. It's maybe 5% or 6% of our revenue, and it will not be accretive to margin. That's just not the way that market's going to play out. It is, however, 2G, you need backward-compatible to 2G in these low-end smartphones. And so that is where we're focused on. Integrated devices, there'll be CMOS content, there'll be gallium arsenic content, there'll be silicon germanium and SOI content in that transmit path. And we're really quite agnostic with respect and indifferent with respect to which technology it is.

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    • This is critical to understand. I think LA Laker posted this as a knock of CMOS PA's, but the really important part is the comments about 2G PA's. This is why I've been calling them common as dirt commodity parts. This is what TQNT makes. Look at the Iphone and G3 phone. When you see the term EDGE that's the 2G amp. That's why they can have so many wins yet sales are falling and they are losing money. As bad as it is it will only get worse, really much worse with CMOS moving in. This is what TQNT Ga foundries are making and we find that in Q4 (Christmas) they were running at only 50%. Now the run rate will be in the 30's. That's why I say 2013 will be write downs and RIF's. That business has to be "right sized". This will also right size the book value over night.

      Now on the CMOS comment; do I expect the CEO of a publicly trade GA foundry to acknowledge the coming CMOS invasion.... no, no I don't. But the fact is that SWKS has bought two sizeable CMOS PA companies so they might not admit it publicly but they understand. By the end of 2013 CMOS will have a good chunk of design wins for these 2G/3G amps.