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  • form1_fan form1_fan Apr 25, 2013 10:14 AM Flag

    Claiming almost miraculous turn around

    Thinking about what the CEO siad. A company that has made embarrassing blunder after blunder for the last two years and now is going to become hugely profitable in the next few months. But that's what the ceo said, clear as a bell. no one in this cut throat business is able to operate at that profit level. He said it again and agian. He has stepped over the line between general comments into guidance.

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    • it is gonna be tough with declining revenue and shrinking margins.... mighty QCOM is also coming to play.

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    • Strongly disagree. The past two years have been a brillant recovery. The mistake and it was huge huge huge was in 2008 and 9, early 10. While I have been watching, I had four questions: did they understand the gravity of the mistake, did they have the technology, could it be fix within time and without huge costs, and lastly is this market a CRUS/Apple type of relationship or was it flexible. The answers to the first threee were yes and yes and yes. The last one is my concern. I see it as the risk. What I see now is 300 million type quarterly run rate coming in the next year. To me the issue is not product, not management, not big costs to fix, it is about flexibility in the market.

      Respectully I disagree. The mess up of 09 was huge it was a long fix.

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    • sales will have to be $300million.