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  • apricusbio.eu33 apricusbio.eu33 Apr 25, 2012 10:24 PM Flag

    Dr. Constantine Loannides Nobel Prize Winner Speaks

    In the comments section of the Brian Nichols article on Seeking Alpha:
    Mark Ahn Interview:

    NeuVax Demonstrated Preclinical And Clinical Benefit In All Levels Of HER2 Expression

    Dr. Constantine Loannides Nobel Prize Winner Speaks:
    Dear All on behalf of Inventors who have no stock.

    Mr. Ahn must tell General Public and Women, who have the right to know, that " E75 was not discovered at MDACC which is a premier cancer center" - the old derogatory connotation for classified employees, women and immigrants included, by the University Administrators.

    Federal Grants to me for this topic was > $ 1,700,000.00 not adjusted for inflation

    The true discoverers are a very prestigious team:

    1. Engineer Maria G.Ioannides, PhD Professor , at the University of Athens, Greece who made a new Computer Program at the time of Stone Age of T cells epitopes prediction. She donated 67.00 % of her share to MDACC for the research done by her brother with Dr.Peoples. Still wait for acknowledgment from Mendelsohn. She is the Great niece of the Founder and Donor, of the Hellenic Anticancer Institute , General Odysseas Maroulis.

    2. Bryan Alexander Fisk , MD, MSc - data confidential

    3. me, Professor MSc PhD,student of Ioan Moraru , Nobel Peace Prize 1985, Great nephew of General Odysseas Maroulis founder of the Hellenic Anticancer Institute,

    2nd Generation E75

    3. Catherine A.O'Brian, MSc, PhD, Professor, student of Ira Bernard Weinstein , Columbia University and Rockefeller University.

    4. Martin Campbell, PhD, Associate Professor student of Ralph Arlinghaus, MDACC.

    In 1989-1990 it was clear that we need more than Herceptin- to all surgeons of the Department of Gynecology- Oncology. Harvard University Women Hospital Reached the same conclusion.

    Dr. Peoples of John Hopkins, Harvard and MDACC competed on th e topic with Dr.Ioannides until 1995 when joined forces.

    These ideas were refined and continued the original thinking of Professor Cantacuzene, his students at Cantacuzino Institute, ( Drs Turcanu and Niculescu) - " the only real effector to kill cancer is the small lymphocyte full of memory, Dr. Papamichail ( Greece) and Drs. Wharton, Edwards and Freedman in MDACC.

    6.5 % is 1 in 15.38 patients has metastases after Neu Vax while 14.5 % is 1 in 6.89 patients has metastases without treatment.

    Rounded is 1 in 15 vaccinated patients came back to Dr.Peoples and 1 in 7 non-vaccinated Patients came back to Dr.Peoples. Dr. People reduced the incidence of metastases by Half.

    Gale must show Mr. Feuerstein its calculations. His logic is impeccable: " was discovered at MDACC" = a worthless incidental finding by a non-worker.

    " Maria + Fisk" work inspired Gennerex so much that prepared 12 Her-2 peptides on the Maria-Fisk model arranged with a partner - not make a contract for the real study took the data and declare AE-37 fully owned. Our research papers have different conclusions.

    Therefore 2 outstanding research teams + 2 women worked paid and unpaid to discover and create.

    I noted that Imclone became credible after NY Times found the Inventor, after MIT took its evidence to Court,and after the Congress asked about the Informed consent form.

    Since readers want to go to Congress tell them the truth as it is.

    I suggest The street,Generex and Mr. Ahn to discuss these issues. Dr. Peoples and myself said one thing - investors read other stories.

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