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    • Christie> Maybe the bear isn't going to NYC, but is on his way to Jersy with a dozen KK doenuts.:)<<

      I'd vote for the bear!! So we've had coyotes and bears in the neighborhood. I'll be looking for bearded bigfoots escaped from the J-Hole on Friday.

    • Christie> Maybe the bear isn't going to NYC, but is on his way to Jersy with a dozen KK doenuts.:)

    • Krispy Kremes > bearly funny.

      NG<< I see at least $5 gas within the next six months>
      ung gap up on the "high tide."
      Just another one of those summer days. Maybe tomorrow will come in a bit advance of fridays all day long Jackson hole meeting.

    • Good prognostication on KOL and SLX, Bugs--I guess I was early, but this looks like a push 'em out thing, similar to early 2009, at least in the two mentioned--bankstas don't like to share profits with anyone, and most got kicked out before the big Spring 2009 rally in February 2009, not Oct and Nov 2008--we shall see--Ratio in the buy area again for gold stocks.

    • >>Connecticut's two main pension funds had a negative rate of return of 0.9 percent in the 2012 fiscal year, which reduced their total assets to about $24 billion, a state official said on Wednesday.

      The negative return for the two funds, one for teachers and one for other state employees, contrasts with the 21 percent return for fiscal 2011, which was the highest return in 23 years.

      Along with many other states, from California to New York, the results for Connecticut's pension funds were well below their assumed rates of returns.<<

    • >>Investors who buy bonds issued by the state of Hawaii are not being compensated adequately given the risk presented by the state’s high unfunded pension liability and debt load, according to analysis by Barron’s, a weekly financial newspaper.

      Hawaii’s unfunded pension liability combined with government debt add up to 16.1 percent of the state’s gross domestic product, the 48th highest ratio of all states, according to the report. The Barron’s analysis was based on the newspaper’s own data and information from Eaton Vance, a municipal bond fund manager. The top-rated state, South Dakota, has a pension liability and debt ratio equal to just 1 percent of GDP.

      Normally, bonds issued by states with weaker fiscal positions carry higher yields to compensate investors for the additional risk. In this case, however, the opposite is true. Hawaii 10-year bonds are yielding 20 basis points above comparable Treasury securities, while the yield on South Dakota bonds is 28 basis points higher. A basis point is one-hundredth of a percentage point.

      “For municipal bond investors, it all boils down to this: The risk of investing in the debt of some of the country's least financially sound states, compared with the most sound, is not always reflected in the price of their bonds,” according to the Barron’s report.<<

    • >>But a hard truth Christie absolutely will not tell is that every one of his budgets has been unbalanced by more than $2.5 billion. When Christie said tonight he has signed “three balanced budgets,” he wasn’t telling a hard truth -- he was using bad accounting to hide a hard truth.

      Each year, Christie has achieved “on paper” budget balance by making inadequate payments into the state’s pension fund, effectively borrowing from the fund. Christie has touted this year’s $1.03 billion pension fund payment as the largest in the state’s history. Too bad the state’s pension actuaries told him to deposit $3.74 billion.

      And Christie said tonight that his pension reforms will save the state $132 billion over 30 years. But those savings are backloaded. Pension costs will continue to rise over the coming years and squeeze out funding for public services. Even after reform, the hard truth is that New Jersey still has a defined-benefit pension system that is unaffordable and exposes taxpayers to excessive investment risk.<<

    • KOL and SLX<< They had decent moves and probably lots jumped on when they were peaking and are now being routed--whenever that is over they have lots of room to run--whenever, whenever is.

      TLT, EDV<< Same deal, only lots of people probably shorted 121-123 and now they are being shaken out so nobody will benefit from the plunge except the bankstas.

      At any rate, gotta try something--the defensive trade has made its comeback to lull all its advocates back to sleep--when the rug gets pulled out--it will not be pretty.

      NG<< I see at least $5 gas within the next six months. It always pops at some point, is due, and when it does, it will move fast with the least possible passengers, just like above.

      My neighbor had a bear in the yard last night--she said a 200 pounder, "not very big." Gorsh, that sounds a tad large to me. Of course, he's probably just passing through on his way to NYC and when he gets there, will probably be a pretty substantial animal as there are several Krispy Kremes along that route.

    • I'd give kol to 22.80 and 22.60

      I think it is agressive to look at 42.60 and 42.41 on slx, the key word being think. I Like 41.73. I'd go 41.75

    • keep wishing on gas> I still look at ung. I like the 6/20 low of 17.32 and the rising lower trend line around 16.87.

      tlt & edv need to move up a..little more to run into the decending down trend line
      from the 7/25 high. They...could back off tomorrow, then test it thursday....the only thing is the rsi2 would need to form a notched crown look and I have not seen that pattern form for tlt or edv.
      It still could happen though.
      We better see what tomorrow brings first though.

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