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  • goulimine goulimine Jul 24, 2000 12:42 PM Flag

    The best site for RMKR 2

    You have a much better chance of making money
    with the lottery.

    RMKR is one of the worst
    performing stocks on the NASDAQ this year, and there is
    absolutely no reason for optimism...
    - No new clients of
    - Existing clients are fading away.
    - Revenues
    barely increasing and spending is going through the
    - There is an ever-increasing amount of eCRM
    software out there allowing RMKR's potential clients to go
    it alone.
    - A miserable business plan. A key
    initiative in the last business Q was "the implementation of
    our new sales team". Pitiful.
    - The CEO is grossly
    overpaid and is not delivering, but has zero chance of
    being removed.
    - The company stinks of cronyism and
    nepotism. The CEO's salary is determined by his daddy.

    - Even on his half a million salary, and the dirt
    cheap stock price, the CEO isn't buying. Why? Because
    Michael "pay-for-non-performance" Silton knows that RMKR
    will continue to go down.

    If I could short RMKR
    at this price I would. A terrible company in so many
    different ways.

    To those of you who are long RMKR
    and ready to throw abuse at my post, be ready to give
    PLAUSIBLE, TANGIBLE SOLID reasons to buy RMKR. I have never
    ever seen anyone on this board do that, and I have
    offered plenty of reasons why you should not.

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    • Not that I disagree with you re.several of your
      points,but I'm always curious why Neg.bashers stick it a Savior complex,or to control buy price til
      RMKR posts favorable news? For instance,do you know
      factually there are no new clients, or do you discredit
      RMKR's statement that some new clients do not wish to be
      identified this early..And do you discredit their stating
      that Gateways isn't out of the gate due to their
      failure to prove necessary data.And do you disagree with
      their change of model from slow growth future profit to
      shorter term for profit.And how many days-months does it
      take to turn this around. And what facts do you have
      regarding declining revenue:we knew that SCOC was being
      phased down. we know that Novell-and many other TECHS
      had weaker sales and predict slower sales and
      deliveries in Q 3.And the "miserable previous business model
      did produce average revenue growth of 30-30% per
      quarter,and profits up til last quarter of '99. And one of
      few e.CRM to show growth % and profits in this B2B
      realm. And do you find exorbitant nepotism/cronyism in
      this company;other than Michael's father,who founded
      the original company,who is related or still on job
      due to friendship???Since you do not state FACTS,I'm
      not replying with data,but with factually supported
      IMO,as much as yours...I've posted previously that the
      unexpected general business slowdown producing Bear market
      in last quarter of'99 and Q 1 2000 predictably
      lowered most .Com and retail business.Are you following
      the DJ/NASDAQ this quarter,and just in last several
      days..Down 3-5% in three days.Do you expect RMKR,dependent
      on retail growth market to counter market trends? OR
      are you like the earlier investors who "demanded an
      inflated $ company predicatd on inflated
      PE/r's(100-200) who probably caused the instant rise from 8-29
      and the predictable decline=albeit precipitous and
      possibly warranted?? Are you objective or just BITTER? I'M
      DISAPPOINTED and can only hope that this company can turn IT
      around between now and Q 1 '01.And as I look at my
      Mutual portfolio,and other "risk" investments,most are
      still significantly down from '99...Nuff said...too
      much, but I believe your comments-some- are

      • 1 Reply to robbmr_2000
      • robbmr_2000...Thanks for responding in a
        thoughtful way without abuse. You raised a lot of issues.
        I'll respond as best as I can without meaning to omit

        > why Neg.bashers stick around...
        I am a
        stockholder. If I don't like the way the company is run - and
        I don't - I use this board to say so.
        control buy price til RMKR posts favorable news?
        are joking of course. I cannot imagine ever buying
        more stock in RMKR. Besides, my posts will have a
        negligible effect on the stock. And even if they did, that's
        fine. Nothing I post is false.
        >do you know
        factually there are no new clients...
        You are asking me
        the impossible - to prove a negative. But the onus is
        not on me to show there are NO clients; it is on RMKR
        to show that there ARE NEW clients.
        >some new
        clients do not wish to be identified this
        That may or may not be true. It is easy to claim even
        if it is false. I consider it irrelevant. Give us
        hard news RMKR.
        >Gateways isn't out of the gate
        due to their failure to prove necessary
        My previous comment applies.
        >do you disagree
        with their change of model from slow growth future
        profit to shorter term for profit...
        No. The old way
        was not working. But it's very easy to blame
        everything on the transition - increased spending, no new
        clients, workforce layoffs, etc. All of the above could
        simply be due to a poorly run company that is losing
        existing clients, and not getting new clients. That
        especially explains the 10% layoff.
        >What facts do you
        have regarding declining revenue...
        I did not say
        revenue was declining. I said "Revenues barely
        increasing" which is true.
        ...and profits up til last
        quarter of '99
        > Precisely. But that was then, and
        this is now. It's what RMKR is doing badly now that
        concerns me, not what they did well a year ago, before
        they went public.
        >And do you find exorbitant
        nepotism/cronyism in this company.
        Yes. It disgusts me and I
        have posted the reasons in great detail on this board
        in the past. I believe the Siltons are showing
        contempt for shareholders. Those shenanigans are fine in a
        private company, but are unacceptable in a publicly
        traded company, if only because professional investors
        will steer clear of companies with such self-serving
        cozy arrangements.
        >Since you do not state
        What have I stated that is untrue? My opinions are my
        own but they are based on facts. In your post you
        have not pointed out any factual errors on my
        >Do you expect RMKR,dependent on retail growth market
        to counter market trends?
        Yes! And they had
        better if they do not want to be a sub $1 stock. Why
        pick on me instead of RMKR? They were the ones running
        off at the mouth last November about how they had a
        huge niche market with nobody in exactly the same line
        of business. Well guess what...that may be true but
        nobody cares. They need to provide a valuable service
        that cannot be obtained for less elsewhere, and the
        sad truth is they just can't do it. Reasons?...more
        professional opposition, inability to get sales, no special
        software or strategy that to beat the opposition, largely
        restricting themselves to the technology arena without
        success, the rise of ASPs, the rise of DIY eCRM software,
        >I believe your comments-some- are
        - Pessimistic? Absolutely because this company has
        shown NOTHING in 6 months!
        - Unwarranted? Only if
        what is say is untrue or unfair. It is not.
        Unfactual(sic)? Again, tell me any fact I have wrong and I'll

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