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  • redbacktill2004 redbacktill2004 Oct 3, 2007 4:36 PM Flag

    Can you say " MILITARY"

    On Moller web sight......

    We have completed 2nd generation tests on our compound Rotapower´┐Ż engine and are developing two displacement models of a 3rd generation. The major aerospace company whose representative made a presentation at our annual stockholders meeting remains a viable candidate to help promote this compound engine in the military market.

    They are talking about Pratt and Whitney here folks.....

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    • From the wayback machine-
      Yet another example of nothing, going nowhere.
      dropping P & W's name, and referring to "third gen compound engines"....
      really, now!

      Yet another "big deal" which never materialized.
      Anybody see a pattern here?

      I hope otherwise, but history says that next Saturday will not be a big news day, more like a "same old news" day.

    • I agree.....but if you have it then put it to work!

      $10- $25 in 2008
      $$25-$50 in 2009
      $50-$100 in 2010
      $100-$300 in 2011-2012


      JEFF ( I'm already a multimillionaire )

    • you know guys 50000 is all you need look at apple went from 11 dollars to 190 a share and look at google 700. all i can tell u it will happen its just when i have 5 or 10 year before i retirer i have 52500 at .80 i will be rich

    • You've read my mind! That's my plan $100k at an average of .90 if works out! $3.3M at 30.00


    • << If I am wrong and its $50.00 I'll settle for the $3M >>

      You out of your mind?

      Did you see the way the M400 landed in the two videos on the webpage? In one video the thing looked like the legs were about to break off and in the other video they faded to black just before it touched down. Now why would they fade to black just before the landing ?

      Don't get me wrong - I'm a speculator too; but sometimes the lack of a market makes a great product useless.

      If you're so loaded, why don't you just accumulate a mere 100K shares and get your $3M when it hits $30?

      I didn't think so.

    • I see......

      I currently have 37,548 shares at $1.06 per share.......

      and will be adding another 23,000 shares next week when my funds arrive......or a little over 60k total

      60k times $100.00 per share = $6Million
      in 2-3 years time.

      If I am wrong and its $50.00 I'll settle for the $3M


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