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  • redbacktill2004 redbacktill2004 Nov 20, 2012 5:55 PM Flag

    Notes from meeting are out news as always looks very promising!

    Prepared to make a SEC Regulation A offering of its stock
    โ€“ Completed third round of responses to questions raised by the SEC
    โ€“ Goal is for this offering to become effective concurrent with the
    receipt of funding for EcoRotary, Inc.
    โ€“ Expect offering to become effective before year-end

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    • The fact that you have to dig through the moller website to even find this "information" is very damning for moller. They obviously aren't pushing their 2013 "goals," as they didn't even issue a press release. As Dean predicted, the powerpoint is almost an exact copy of the 2012 presentation ("let's see, I think all we have to do is change 2011 to 2012, 2012 to 2013....and throw in that we 'sought' a joint-venture partner........tried to get a powered lift LSA catagory...."). ANYONE WHO BELIEVES THIS #$%$ IS AN I D I O T!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      The big item in the list of PRs is that they hit the good old 'reply to all' button on some stupid email response - nothing at all about the annual meeting.

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    • Lies! nothing but the same tired, lame lies moller has been spouting for years.

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    • I would say ((again)) 2013 looks to be a time to buy! We are very close now.

      See meeting minutes and diagrams on moller web page under investments!


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    • In summary he discussed numerous activities being carried out by the staff for
      both Moller International and Freedom Motors (see Exhibit A) and discussed some of the
      options that the Company was exploring to raise capital. At this point Dr. Moller
      introduced Mr. John Gong, a party representing interests in China with whom discussions
      are underway concerning the formation of a Joint Venture focused on the production of
      Skycars in China.

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      • Not to rain on your parade JEFF, but look at their shareholder meeting minutes of 2011. I have a copy if you need one. None of their goals for 2012 was achieved. Funny that no one of the 75 people in attendance asked for the goals to be reviewed. They did have a Q & A did they not? If I had still been a shareholder I for sure would want explanations! First question would be: "You cancelled the Oct 11 2011 test flight and said you would do it in spring 2012 'weather permitting', why didn't you fly the M400x?"

        The activities conducted this year does not seem like a week's worth of work to me. Wonder with whom at the FAA they spoke regading, what looks to me, like a whole new LSA category they want instated? Also, some of the companies that is listed under their "owners and associates" seems inactive. Websites down or haven't been updated in nearly a decade. And who is John Gong? Hope they didn't just grab the chinese restaurant owner from around the corner, because they needed an asian man to create the illusion of progress.

        One thing that will show us if 2013 will be any different from the past few years is if they manage the Freedom Motors offering "before year-end." Whatever happened to it being so close mid this year?

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