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  • mermoo00 mermoo00 Jan 31, 2013 10:05 AM Flag

    A question I posted on FB

    Let me ask a simple question. Why would MI release a PR touting an MOU and not wait a month or so until an actual legal contract is signed? Operating expenses do not change. In fact nothing within the company does change. Given the history MI has with MOU's and "engine purchase requests" doesn't it seem odd? If I was the head of MI I would have waited until we had a signed contract and then released a PR touting our success. That would have eliminated the image they have created of being less than honest and sent the SP even higher and faster. They have no strategic planning for the future but rather appear to be in survival mode. A position many companies are unable to get themselves out of. What will be the result if this deal is not completed this time? They have placed themselves at a disadvantage in negotiations with Athena by once again placing their credibility on the line. Athena can walk away and be out nothing while MI's credibility takes another drop. I hope they get it done but it will most likely cost them more since the PR was release... if it ever does happen.

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    • Just curious, have you done any research on Athena? It's an environmental-friendly "small business". Have you checked out their website? To think those guys would be involved with $400 million VTOL project is laughable and they have zero experience there. Wouldn't you think a Boeing, Lockheed Martin, or Honda would be more successful at such a venture? Also, apparently, you need a pilot license to fly one of these things anyway so I'm really not buying into any of this.

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      • The plan with the Moller 100 LS and 200 LS craft is that they would qualify as light sport aircraft, which would only require a sport pilot certificate, rather than a full private pilots license. (This still requires a minimum of 20 hours of instruction). As far as I know, the M400 would require a private pilot certificate with a “Powered Lift” rating.

        Until such time as Moller can demonstrate that the M400 can actually fly, or that the 100 LS and 200 LS exist beyond Photoshop renderings, the requirements for prospective pilots are pretty academic.

      • i am more worried about their office location, checked it out on google street view..dont know if any of you live nearby and could check it out? to me it looks like a residential area/bankrupt matter what, I am hanging on to my shares for as long as it takes, I am betting on the dream, not the facts

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