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  • Are we surprised? 20,000 shares @.16. That is almost half todays volume so far. You did sell some right Jeff? Didn't MI say they would have the deal done in "the next few weeks"? We are over 2 weeks from the MOU already.

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    • .16 is probably a bump in the road on the way back down to .06-.10. Since I sold almost all at the .45 - .50 range and made out well, I think Ill wait until it bottoms out again. It's always better to play with the houses money on this type of stock. Since it seems to happen every year, this can actually be a money making stock as long as your trade it. That said, I'll keep my 5k share lottery ticket just in case. The odds are at least as good as Powerball.

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    • i wondered about the "weeks" statement... knowing that there are 2080 weeks in 40 years...

    • nope....just a bump in the road!


      Wouldn't have been enough volume for my size trades to execute anyway.


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      • I was actually hoping you sold when it was higher not now but whatever. Put a sell on for your number of shares now and MI will be worth around .06 even sooner than it will otherwise. There is NO strategic planning or direction evident in this company anymore. The PR releases have been having an ever decreasing result and Moller himself is losing credibility. HAve you ever wondered what happened to the new Marketing Manager they hired? If you followed his FB page you would see Jah never even listed Moller as an employer (at least that I saw). Wasn't he going to get our test flight all ready to go? Weren't we told it was only the porta-poty logistics left because of the "volume of interested people"? Now we have this new person and a MOU that should be the savior of Moller International. How long before either Athena or MI put out a PR saying they could not agree on details. He would be smart to do because if there is no deal it undermines his credibility as well as MI (if theirs could get worse). Jeff, will you EVER admit they are to dysfunctional to succeed using their current strategies or will it take bankruptcy to prove it to you?

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