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  • willywankel willywankel Sep 23, 2013 4:13 PM Flag

    When an honorable man makes a promise-


    When an honorable man makes a promise, two elements are involved. One, he has the ability to make good, and two, he intends to do so. Moe looses on both counts.

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    • Moller is a slow burnin destruction. Everyone should place sell orders in and put Moe out of his misery. Some should make a rc-replica of Moes skycar and sell them. I bet one could copy his design and sell them without copyright infringement. Moe doesnt have enough "Dough" to force litigation.

      ASI doesn't have a website; no mini-skycars coming. vaperware. Someone needs to go one Coast2CoastAM and call out Moe on his ponzi scheme.. if you buying stock, you're sponoring Moe's (age 76) retirement and burial expenses :)

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      • I take back those hatefull words about Moe. Yes, I rolled the dice almost ten years ago on this technology. Someone else needs to take over Moller; leadership is terrible and creditability is down the drain. Hell, I or someone on this board could probably be more more effective in jump-starting this company. I give some kudos to Moe for his lifetime effort of "trying", but "wisdom" knows how to get help in one's area of deficiency. I wrote Bruce over 4 years ago about getting the rc models done, now they "say" they're gonna do it - if those model don't materialize by ends year, Sell this boy as fast as you can.. It has to be the rotapower engine producing the "vaporware" from the exhust pipe :-) - no engines no VTOL; sounds logical and the problem at this present time. "Safe harbor" act working at full steam.

        this is a pipe dream and many of us bought it hook and sinker..Just waiting on the next vaporware annoucement from Moe to spike the share price so I can get out..

        Just your average, very frustrated shareholder.

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    • couldn't have said it better....

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