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  • willywankel willywankel Dec 9, 2013 10:24 AM Flag

    Indiegogo watch


    As of today - 19,129 dollars raised.
    % of goal - 2%
    % of time used - 57%
    Failure as usual.
    Moe keeps the money, and you get a hat or a pony sticker for the fridge.

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    • Willy: I am curious as to why you are so negative about MI. They have made excellent progress
      this year considering their inability to raise capital to complete the M400 project.
      The whole idea about the crowdfunding the way I see it is individuals, and corporations can
      make a pledge to try and help MI achieve their goals. Sure once a doantion is made you
      get a poster or mug etc and I made a 50.00 dollar contribution.
      The way I see it I am trying to help MI achieve their goal even though I am able to
      make the $50.00 level at this time and to be honest I don't care if I do get the gifts
      that go with the $50.00 level. I beleive if you have 20,000 individual give the $50.00
      level that would put them at $1 Million raised which isn't bad and is for a good cause.


      Gregg Christman

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      • Dear Gregg,
        It is so obvious why willy (and soooooo many others) are negative on MI. All you have to do is read his posts. The bottom line is MI is nothing more than a share-selling scam. Everytime the share price is low, Herr Doktor comes up with a whole bunch of promises which never be fulfilled in order to get a run on the stock from moller worshippers like YOU and JEFFFFFF and that NITE guy. This has been going on for over 40 #$%$ YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some of the more recent include:
        2011 flight demo cancelled for lack of port-o-potties
        Moller 50 years of VTOL failure celebration tour - his first stop on the tour was supposed to be a presentation at a museum in Davis. I emailed them and they had no knowledge of him having ever been there.
        Freedom Motors IPO - been promised since 1997. Herr doktor even asked if anyone knew of a bank who could help him with that.
        Chinese joint venture #1 "just a couple of months"
        Chinese joint venture #2 "just a couple of months"
        M400 RC model WILL be flown at 2103 stock holders meeting - NOT - company is undoubtedly a non-starter
        Skyport LLC half millions dollars. - just another story to generate buzz about MI. The funny thing about it is, that as important that would be, it doesn't even merit a PR from the doktor! That's because it's not going to happen! He evidently couldn't get anyone else to buy in the scam of a fake PR, like he did for the Chinese joint ventures. Quoting misc10008 quoting moller "As the octopus once said: "I only have 8 hands". You'll see a PR released shortly." Three weeks later and still no PR, and there won't be one.
        THERE WILL BE NO DEMO FLIGHT ON JUNE 11, 2014!!!!! Moller will come up with another lame excuse, just like he did in 2011.

        In short, you and your buddy JEFFFFFF are both gullible and naive. Personally I think Ferrari JEFFFF is nothing more than a paid pumper for moller. No one could make the same stupid predictions he does year after year and keep smiling.

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