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  • highguy199 highguy199 May 15, 2014 8:50 AM Flag

    stock price manipulation?

    All of the wonderful things going on Moller that JEFFF and GREGGG keep crowing are nothing more than PRs meant to pump up the stock price. There is really nothing going on. It doesn't appear to be working this time.

    Sentiment: Pretty sad and pathetic, really

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    • highguy: I am a shareholder that remains positive on MI, I am not a PR individual trying to pump
      the stock. Listed below are facts about ALife, Thorntail Aircraft and MI

      1) Alife has signed an agreement to use the Rotapower engines in their motorcycles
      November 2013.

      2) Thorntail Aircraft Company formed this year, signed document to provide $2 Million
      and 5% Royalties on all V600 Sales, agrees to Campaign the M400X Skycar up to
      18 months and beyond. Plans to build the V600.

      I remain positive on MI and you and most of the other participants want to be negative
      about MI that is your choice. Let's see what happens later this month with TAC press
      conference and Alife in June.

      Oh, by the way stock up 14.29% as of 1:55 PM today.


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Gregg,
        Oh, by the way stock down 15.38% as of 4:00 PM Friday, at 0.11, which overvalued about 11 cents .

      • Gregg, You have no idea that these are actual "facts." They are only words. NOTHING ever stated by Moller and company have proven to be true, therefore THEY ARE NOT FACTS. Facts are only facts when they are proven to be true. Anyone who is "positive on MI" needs to look at the REAL facts, which are everything that spews out of the Doktor's mouth IS NOT A FACT. I will go even further and say they that they are deliberate lies. You are gullible beyond belief.

        Sentiment: Moller is running out of suckers to perpetuate his charade.

    • not one of this year's PR's had the same effect as previous ones.

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      • You could actually draw a graph of the impact of the last four "big announcements":

        January 2013: Moller "Joint venture" with China announced. Stock jumps from 0.08 to 0.49, then gradually declines over many months.

        November 2013: Speculation that Moller will announce "something big" on late night radio show. Stock increases from 0.14 to 0.29. Value drops back within a month when it becomes apparent that the "big announcement" is for fundraising on Indiegogo.

        January 2014: Alife "deal" announced. Stock increases from 0.10 to 0.15 over nine days, then drops back to 0.11 over the next five days.

        May 2014: Thorntail Aircraft/Historicfirstflight "deal" announced. Extraordinary share trading volume occurs, but aside from a single transaction (20,000 shares) at 0.15, the share price stays within the 0.10 to 0.12 range it has been in since late January.

        You can see the impact of the announcements decline over time.

        Jeff actually called it when he described it as the boy who cried "wolf!". Except that I suspect that he thinks it's for real this time, while nearly everyone else thinks otherwise. Put simply, people have gotten wise to the pattern, and mere announcements aren't going to be enough anymore.

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