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  • uraniumbug uraniumbug Oct 7, 2011 8:46 PM Flag

    AUMN is sick

    When other gold/silver stocks rallied, AUMN either flat or even dropped, but when other stocks dropped, AUMN tanked..... Added to the wounds, the incompetent management raised money at the 52-weeks LOW.

    Yes, they had great projects, yes, they have a lot of silver, but also yes, they have incompetent management.

    Also, silver-equivalent counting is NOT good. If they used gold, well, maybe that is OK, but silver is expected to go with a greater rate than gold speed. If silver equivalent by using BASE metal is nonsense. the base metal will not go at the same speed as silver at all. But this is what AUMN management has done.

    In the recession scenario, gold and silver can go higher due to money printing, but base metal may stay low due to low demand.

    Forget about silver equivalent, AUMN management should just report SILVER. Once we take that into consideration, AUMN was overvalued when merged.

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    • Not true. Over the last 6 months, AUMN lag behind gold stocks (GDX), silver stocks (SIL), gold (GLD), and silver prices (SLV). All of them.

      Furthermore, AUMN management raised money at 52-weeks LOW to dilute the company.

    • Huge volatility - Doesn't this phenomenon typically spell disaster for margin players?

      • 1 Reply to jmsmttly
      • depends on how leveraged they are.........and what their game plan, holding for the long term (long or short), playing the chart, or daytrading.......

        right now, the chartists and day traders are running the show here......HUGH money being made..........or lost if you are cuaght on the wrong side of the trade.......

    • Anyone smart enough to buy this resource rich company here and now, will be remembering this opportunity in the future as the most ridiculous give away of all times.

    • definitely in a rut.

      but technicals are showing some signs of life.

      i have a limited tolerance for dilution but i also know it's a necessary evil to get from point A to point B. and if this latest round means Velardana ramps up even faster (that is the assumption i'm making) then i consider that a good thing.

      i like the reasoning of this merger. there are risks and management has to step up and deliver, but i'm going to give them time to try and execute (i.e. too early for me to declare them incompetent)

      i also, fwliw, don't think base metals will fair poorly in upcoming years. think the $1 area is the long term floor. ultimately every single commodity on earth has some monetary value. zinc/lead aren't going to the moon but i think they're headed to $2-$3 in coming years.

      in short, i think investors are getting proper odds (and then some) at these prices.

      time will tell.

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