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  • pm_guru_1 pm_guru_1 May 12, 2012 2:19 AM Flag

    I made a pitch for AUMN at PAAS board

    That board is half dead, but I mentioned some ideas on what PAAS needs to do going forward, and I mentioned AUMN and all the key relevant points and data, of which there is much LOL.

    These miners are really in a ripening process, and close to being the optimum point for harvest. I feel like there is another thrust down and capitulation will follow. Will this happen this month, or will it draw out for another few months? I tend to think bullion is very very oversold now and let's face it, silver HAS A FLOOR. IMO, silver's floor will keep rising for years. It's just a basic fact that silver imdustrial and investment demand exceeds annual mine supply, always has, and always will. And silver inventories are SOOO much smaller than in the 1970s and 80s when there was still all the old coinage. You JUST KNOW a lot of 90% Constutional silver was MELTED DOWN decades ago. That silver is probably in the old-school JM and Englehard 100 oz bars LOL

    People can go about their business and continue to not like silver, that's their business, I'll just be getting the last laugh, and surely the deepest and loudest laugh.

    Remember, being short you can only make a maximum of 100% on your capital, but we longs can and will make 1000s of percent on the upside. And for the big producers, get PAID to hold the shares at yields superior to Treasury Rice Paper.

    Go ahead, put all the money you make into Treasury rice paper, and don't participate in the largest bull market of this century, which has yet to enter the parabolic blowoff mania. That may be years away, but LIKE 1979 IT COULD BEGIN THIS YEAR. Or gold and silver could just continue to rise slowly and consistently as it has for a decade for several more years as "zeropaper", inflation, sovereign debt Ponzinomics, rejection of austerity and banker rule, etc, extract their toll.

    I am the biggest silver bull I know, and have been for many years, and even I don't think I have enough yet, so I can imagine there are millions of people out there who own just a little silver and desire to own a lot more, thousands and thosands of ozs.

    If I had a billion dollar fortune, and know what I know and didn't act upon that knowledge and buy TONNAGE of silver, I'd consider myself a numbskulled mouthbreathing retard.

    When I think about older people who have multiple bank accounts maxed out at FDIC levels I almost want to laugh scornfully but then I realize some of those people are good people, just naive, lacking interest in mundane topics like currency devaluation and central bank manipulation, and trusting of the false world that is portrayed to them on TV and print.

    There are only a few hundred million in silver laying around, and probably would take months to get delivered. The FACT is that tens of millions of people worldwide are going to accumulate thousands of ozs of silver and this is tens of BILLIONS in future investment demand, which will be competing against a voracious industrial user market!!!!

    I CAN'T WAID!!! Silver is going to be the "Apple" of this decade. Even if Apple goes to 1000 frickin dollars, it's return will be pathetic compared to what silver will do.

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    • Pm guru--Have you looked into Golden Tag? Unbelievable leverage, but I don't know what AUMN's plans are for it. Do you?

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      • I pretty much am staying away from all buying any early stage exploration plays. I concentrate on producers, and late stage or near term projects. I don't like the outlook for juniors who need to raise capital, as they must do, unless they are well-cashed up, as few are.

        Seniors want to buy near term plays too, so they can get the quickest return. So with small-caps, there's many that look interesting to me right now. Particularly companies trading for near cash.

        And there is a SLEW of companies out there with decent 3-10M ozs resource bases with micro market caps.

    • Thanks for sharing! I agree with most everything you said. I own physical silver and some silver miners. I am getting to the point that I think you'd better get what silver you want now, because pretty soon reality will hit as to 1) the extreme shortage of silver 2) the fake paper money scheme.

      Pressure has been building on the comex. Less volume, more total ounces standing for delivery. If you look at the last few weeks as the manipulators are trying to push down the price, the open interest/ounces standing for delivery is rising. Reality is finally hitting the crooks. With Shanghai opening a futures exchange, the reality about silver is likely to hit the fan sooner rather than later.

      I think all this has to bode well over the long term for companies like AUMN. Only, I am afraid a nationwide MF global fiasco where our shares are confiscated. We shall see. Again, thanks for your post. I always pay special attention to what you are saying.

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      • This whole nationalization scare stuff is overhyped. Govts are not capable of running these complex operations efficiently and profitable without the technical and engineering talent that only a "capitalist" can provide. Venezuela's mine nationalization under Chavez has been a flop on the face. For one thing, gold and silver mining isn't as "easy" as drilling oil.

        Sure, if you operate in Africa under warlord rule there could be a risk of shutdown. But by and large it seems to me that it doesn't matter where its located, ALL shares are down bigtime. Look at all the Canadian, US, and Mexican companies traded down to confetti. They've been beated down just as bad as companies in places like: Turkey, Egypt, Mali, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Guyana,

        Is the US a safe place to operate? Hecla was forced to shut down a main mine based on an arbitrary govt a-hole dictate. Romarco has been up against roadblocks with the EPA in South Carolina. Outside of Nevada, and Aurcana's new Shafter mine in Texas, I can't think of ANY significant precious metals action happening in US of A.

        Look at Canadian up and comers, all beaten down - Pretium breaking out at $16-19 and now 13. Detour was pushing 40 last year only 21 today. Rubicon, no big move. Aurizon, sitting at 2006 levels. Pick any exploration outfit, down 50-75% maybe more. These are US and Csnadian companies I am talking about here, so don't be afraid to buy stock in companies that operate abroad. Just No Khazakastan or Venezuela obviously LOL.

    • somebody, PLEASE, call 911 ----> the magoo without clue HAS completely LOST IT and is in SERIOUS need of an intervention STAT ! That's what booze and boards will do to ya. Apple and silver are both heading the same way (you can throw CMG in there too) ----> DOWN !!! Silver is heading back to its' floor in the teens (??? single digits remote possibility ???)----> deal with it or end up in rehab and/or poorhouse with the tinseltown Magoo /// :O(

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