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  • bottman20012001 bottman20012001 Mar 3, 2013 7:10 AM Flag

    AUMN is a POS headed for the pink sheets

    Charts don't lie, financials don't lie. New all time low, again. No support.
    Things are getting worse, selling off assets to counter losses,
    Opinions men, on the future of this AUMN?

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    • They have been upfront about the sales of properties as a way to fund operations until they get production up where it needs to be. They are doing that...just ran into a few snags along the way. From what I gather about the industry...especially start-ups and Juniors...that is to be expected. They're getting there...we just have to be patient. Also...if I were calling the shots...I wouldn't be in a mad scramble until silver/gold shows a trend reversal. If you're long the want Golden Minerals to be scrambling to ramp up production as the price of silver is going up. Let's bring these metals to market with increasing prices...not decreasing or stagnant prices. Many industry professionals believe PMs will be going higher. The only way you avoid that is Global Depression....which...granted...could be where we're headed. That is how you save fiat currencies for sure...hyper inflation destroys the power of the currency creator. I believe AUMN is way some TA and it is obvious we're at or near the bottom. They have a lots of cash...increasing production and no debt. All we need is for PMs rise...

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