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  • thinkprecisely thinkprecisely Nov 30, 2004 5:07 PM Flag

    sucker punched?

    5.5 million share warrants @6.6, taken together with the restriction on assets placed by the terms of the bond agreement, and the extent to which that subdues the footwork that can be done with the MLP, and what was purposefully NOT mentioned about this deal earlier in the month, I do believe we, the stockholders, just got sucker punched by this Morgan Stanley Capital Group supply agreement.

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    • Just remember that TMG has to pull off a succesful spin-off of the MLP for Morgan to make a profit. Another thing to consider is that TMG will receive 36 million if/when they are excercised. Also keep in mind that Morgan is going to have a strong interest in helping TMG locate acquisitions and should also help promote the MLP....

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      • >> Also keep in mind that Morgan is going to have a strong interest in helping TMG. etc, etc<<

        You make a noble effort to keep a stiff upper lip, but if any of your optimistic speculations were accurate, we should not have seen the big drop in stock price yesterday, and the likely continued drop today. I've outgrown making excuses for bad stock performance, and I definitely take my money elsewhere when company management makes deals surrounded with rosy characterizations while the stock price plummets. If a company disappoints, if its share price suffers, I unload the problem, move on to greener pastures, or sell it short.

      • That is right on the money. I'm busy with appt., but tmg is out of the trading business--more tomorrow.