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  • rrb1981 rrb1981 Apr 27, 2005 1:20 AM Flag

    From Amex to NYSE

    I plan on picking up TLP if the price is right. I also plan on picking up some more TMG if this weakness continues. Lots of bargains showing up, my serious watch list has probably grown to maybe 10 or 12 companies, whereas a month or so ago it might have been 5. Just a lot happening.

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    • Hey rrb1981, I could not agree more. TMG is very cheap here. Forget the's the extremely limited downside that gets me excited - this thing is so asset rich and management is improving the capital structure by leaps and bounds with the new TLP issuance and the Morgan Stanley contract. Curious as to what names your "bargain list" is showing. I am currently looking at MERCS, ABXA.OB, and WSRT.OB. Would be happy to elaborate on these if you like. What are you looking at?

      Full disclosure: I own TMG shares

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      • Well, for one, TMG is looking interesting again. TLP of course will be interesting depending on the price, which I believe will be cheap enough to interest me.

        Aside from that, MWP is ever more interesting due to the issues that MWE has had filing its 10-K(SarBox compliance). NBP, is interesting if the fall out continues. A couple of the E&P's are looking good, including PXP.

      • topresearch27......

        I am in ABXA.OB....have been for some time with entry at about 5.50...

        Much potential; now optionable; filed for NASDQ listing which should help MUCH AS VISIBILITY GOES UP AND INSTITUTIONS MAY PUT ON BUY LIST....adding to mutual funds.

        I'm looking for low teens in 12 to 18 months.