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  • rottguy03 rottguy03 Sep 27, 2013 10:31 AM Flag

    Management Message

    The SA articles yesterday were very damaging yet management has not issued a statement defending FAB. That in itself is very suspicious to me. I sold my position yesterday and watching to see what happens today or Monday but the lack of a statement from Management makes me look for other investments.

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    • Why respond to some anonymous poster?

    • They "addressed" the "issues" referencing the SA messages in the last conference call, essentially. What's being tossed about is that these options were "hidden" in the buyout. They weren't. and the Wells Fargo analyst asked a couple of questions about the dilution. The dilution is already represented on the books, so it is accounted for. So, from a fiscal perspective, it won't be "sprung" on the company. The supposed "cloaked" dilution is in SEC filings as well. Hell, go back four or five days on these boards and there are questions\discussions from longs talking about the upcoming dilution. Why would they respond to something that is clearly in their filings and was addressed at length in the last conference call? Hopefully, they have better things to do, like make money, if you're a long. I'm not a bull on this stock, but I have been watching it run up and have spent the last four or five days poking around and looking at it since it was running so hard...

    • I heard they just can't respond to articles like this. It is frustrating for them to to see articles that have negative slants opinionated by a short seller but that is the way it is.
      You as an investor will have to take the truths with the non truths and figure it out for yourself. Do your own due diligence (DD). This company now is not has grown and become a real player. Also, all Chinese companies are not bad...if that was the case China would be going down the tubes. A few bad apples get all the attention as with anything now a days. When is the last time you really saw a positive article on anything? Everyone just wants to see the gore and the bad. Sad for that.

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      • SA is only street opinions, not professional research. SA first had 3 pumps then 2 dumps in 3 months:

        Why respond to such amateur comments? I would rather reference professional studies like Navellier (rated B), Zacks (straong buy) and Charles Schwab (buy).

    • Where are the shorts now?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • trump3000 Sep 27, 2013 10:37 AM Flag

      don't worry, this company is solid and going through the same thing any small company would go through. That article writer probably lost a lot of money trying to short it only to see it going up.