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  • new2game82 new2game82 Oct 17, 2013 1:51 PM Flag

    the real money knows who is in control of this

    doesnt take a rocket scientist to read that chart. every ....and I mean every uptick is shorted.

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    • This stock was a top long play in my day trading room on Monday, but I missed it having taken the day off. On Tuesday we shorted it big time. My own position shorted @7.50 and covered in the last 10 min for a 1.40 profit. I re-shorted yesterday @6.92 and added to it this morning @7.05.
      Everyone of my day trader partners agrees this is the easiest short play we've seen in some time.
      When the daily volume gets back down below 100K per day the price should be way below 5.
      We've seen this stuff play out so many times over the year.
      This is almost as good as the VISN short playwe've been making a killing on.

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      • I am glad you made money in this. I will never fault anyone for taking profits. My question though is why did you post here? I do not see anything substantial in anything you have written. Why not actually add something to the conversation? Why not talk about the fundamentals of the company or the chart action you look for to short? Anyone can short massive run ups, that is easy money. How about we actually discuss FAB instead of just patting yourself in the back for a give me trade.