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  • guru2563 guru2563 Nov 11, 2013 5:54 PM Flag

    ALMOST HUMOROUS at this point...

    OF COURSE the "numbers" are going to be "good"... THAT'S NOT THE ISSUE... THE ISSUE IS, ARE THE NUMBERS BELIEVABLE ??

    Unfortunately for those with an OBJECTIVE eye, this company is (in my view) one in which THE MORE RESEARCH YOU DO, THE MORE SKEPTICAL YOU BECOME AND the more questions you have. AGAIN, this doesn't mean there's any fraud going on, but it does mean that there are many, MANY QUESTIONS yet to be answered (some of which were raised by the posts in SA), LET ALONE the question of WHY this seemingly very profitable Chinese company (prior to Fab's reverse merger into WZE) would want access to the US stock markets with all the hassles, scrutiny, attention and expenses involved with being a public company (??) .

    While I think those that call Fab a "fraud" are no better than those who relentlessly "pump" this stock calling for $15+ (at this point), there are many reasons for a long term investor to view this company with a VERY skeptical eye.

    IT'S ALSO FUNNY (and telling) TO NOTE, that while the "pumping crew" here are quick to bash and name-call the authors of the SA articles, I don't recall seeing ANY of the information presented as "fact" in those articles proven false by them... I don't recall seeing ANY of the questions they raised logically/intelligently answered... While an article raising the question of "fraud" might be overly negative (at this point), comparing Fab to Best Buy or Netflix is clearly overly positive and AT LEAST AS BAD if not PURPOSELY MISLEADING..

    - 50+ million fully diluted shares?? FACT... easily verified
    - "supposed" research, made to look objective, but in actuality PAID FOR by Fab.... FACT, easily researched
    - Insiders selling large portions of their holdings... FACT... easily researched

    Need I go on (as I'd be happy to)??.

    HAS ANYONE NOTICED what's suspiciously NOT on Fab's own website?? Leading one to believe that MAYBE they're more interested in "selling stock" than building their business?? ANYONE?? hmmm


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    • Seems Qdog is getting nervous.. LOL... Post after post of the same nonsense over and over again... Learn something for a change qdog... making up nonsense, name calling, whining and complaining doesn't change reality.

    • Bump... We all know how the pumpers would just hate to have anything of substance disappear behind their hyping, name calling, and tall tales... LOL

    • Yeah you dope. Jim Rodgers just took a flyer and hoped it was a legitimate company. What kind of a fool would post the garbage you post when one of the best investors in the world did his DD on this company and liked it? So you are going to pump your garbage SA articles here and say they have a better angle than Jim Rodgers? Go away you clown.

      • 1 Reply to hogan516
      • First "Dope" (your word "hogan516"), it's Jim "Rogers", not "Rodgers"...

        Second, did Rogers "just took a flyer and hoped it was a legitimate company" (your words)... Well, YES and NO... What he did was to take a great HAND OUT for the use of his name under the guise of being on the board for which the company would use his name in an attempt to gain legitimacy in return for LOW RISK, HIGH RETURN deal.

        YOU DID read the filings, didn't you hogan516?? OF COURSE NOT... YOU HAVE NO IDEA... So allow me to fill you in on some details... YES, Jim Rogers (not "Rodgers") bought some shares as a sign of good faith, support, etc. (a small investment for a man reportedly worth $300 Million), BUT HE WAS HANDED a $24K salary and 24K shares AND (now hold on to your seat)...a 250,000 share stock option grant (which I went into detail about in a previous post).

        Any astute investor (of which I consider Jim Rogers one) would take that deal ALL DAY LONG, regardless of what they thought about the company's future prospects.

        Do you "hogan516" understand how stock option grants generally work with large/institutional money? I went into detail previously, but suffice it to say they don't invest new money into the stock, hold it, and hope for the best.

        ... As for qdog/arrrrrg and the other pumpers... notice how they started with the personal attacks and accusations, but added little to nothing of value about the company?? This is typical of the "pumpers" and has gone on for a longgg time... "terminated" from the company...worked for the PR firm... a short... a naked short... ON and ON... anything to divert from the facts they'd rather ignore about the company itself....


    • You used to work for WZE before being terminated...didn't you guru?
      Why else would you have this hard-on for the company?
      You have been bashing them for YEARS!
      That's allot of hate...

      Get on with your life and go look at the trees n flowers.

    • old news again by guruski. and posting right before earnings. hum sounds like someone heard before...oh its Seeking Alpha. guruski finally got a job with SA. guruski you were better than this in the past but I tink your losing your mojo. move onto another stock because Jim Rogers is taking you to the cleaners.


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