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  • guru2563 guru2563 Dec 17, 2013 7:55 PM Flag

    Positioning for the Blame Game

    While many of the longs here continue to "pump" and "keep the faith", REALITY has begun to creep to the surface for those able to look OBJECTIVELY at the situation including FAB'S OWN RESPONSE (what WAS said, as well as WHAT WASN'T SAID).

    FIRST, With all the evidence to the surface, they HAD TO admit to the bond's existence.... "and are guaranteed by FAB Universal’s Chairman Zhang Hongcheng" (REALLY?? And NO ONE (supposedly) KNEW THIS??).... THEN, the SAME "GENIUSES" who didn't know the bonds existed have THE NERVE to tell you... "to date none of the funds have been used by FAB Universal" ... (which would be HILARIOUS in itself, if it wasn't so serious for shareholders).

    KIOSKS... WHERE ARE THERE? Did they provide a PDF listing the addresses? No ... They attempted to divert the issue to... " 12,866 licenses"... Did anyone ask them about the licenses? The question HAS BEEN, WHERE ARE THEY (?), to which they provided NO ANSWER.

    PIRATED CONTENT... Did they even attempt to deny it? NO.. Instead they gave the "cookie cutter" response of "...has never authorized the installation of any pirated content.....the Company will examine its content control processes.... " ... In other words, it's clear they're NOT EVEN ATTEMPTING TO DENY THE EXISTENCE OF PIRATED CONTENT.

    CASH... The same "team" who DIDN'T KNOW THE BOND EXISTED, who haven't provided Kiosk locations (do they know where they are?), and now clearly aren't denying that their Kiosks have carried pirated content, THAT SAME "TEAM" is now telling you... "cash confirmations were received for five bank accounts representing 99% of the cash reported on Form 10Q with no exceptions.".... ANY THAT'S SUPPOSED TO BE PROOF ? (AGAIN, this would be hilarious, if it wasn't so serious for shareholders).

    COULD IT BE that the US "team" is attempting to back away... to position themselves as victims, being misled and lied to by those on the ground in China?? Quite the drama....

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    • The above, almost 6 months after the original post, seemingly still AS VALID today as it was then.... I'm CONFIDENT those Kiost addresses will be released ANY DAY NOW... LOL....

      I applaud lbcb321 for continuing to attempt to educate the rose colored glasses crowd, those who seemingly REFUSE to see the forest through the trees and seemingly won't be convinced anything is wrong no matter what happens (or doesn't)... It's humorous to see the various extents people go to in an attempt to protect their conscious mind from what's seemingly obvious to the objective eye. ... It's also humorous watching the qdog and his various IDs continually flip flop back and forth seemingly staved for message board attention...

      I've been suspicious and skeptical of this "Fab Deal" from the start for the reasons I've laid out numerous times before in previous posts (which can be easily verified in my posting history)... I feel sorry for those who got "suckered in", yet do not feel sorry about those who purposefully mislead and "pumped" this stock in efforts to get others to bail them out by pushing the price up and/or joining them in their misery.

      Good Luck...

    • COULD IT BE (only a theory)... that none of the "operators" in China want to produce that oh so illusive Kiosk location list/map KNOWING that, when the locations don't check out in full, they (and/or their specific operation) would likely then become the SCAPEGOAT for the old WZE management to claimed that THEY TOO had been duped?? Could it be (again, only a theory) that the US management team is positioning to distance themselves from their Chinese counterparts as a legal strategy for when the (supposed) Kiosk locations don't check out in full??

      It wouldn't surprise if over the next few months the old WZE team(US Fab team) will be making statements attempting to convince investors (and more so the courts) that they had been misled by their Chinese counterparts during the "merger" and that they were somehow unaware of what was actually going on "on the ground" in China with the Kiosks, banks, pirated content, etc... Again, these are only theories, but time will tell, as it eventually did with the "talking pill bottle", voice software, ad sales, app sales, etc (which the old timers here from the WZE days can surely relate to). Good Luck.

    • If your short or long your screwed

    • guruski how you speak in the past but you and I really don't know what the out come is.....if you know that's insider.....we will see and I still have $54K sitting in my Scottrade account ready to rock and roll...if your short and im long its a 50/50 chance one will win....I think I will in