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  • qdog91111 qdog91111 Jan 3, 2014 6:16 PM Flag

    everyone getting a little alfred nervous

    cover those shorts little AL and all of you little pukes who did not believe....look what SA tried to do to my NQ stock pfucking didn't work and when Fab resumes trading you guys are toast....look at NQ's chart today freddy who likes the butt ender

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    • Too bad you couldn't buy NQ because all your money is tied up in FAB! Let's see... you have 9800 shares X $3.07 = $30,086. When it opens, you will be lucky to get $20K out of them.

      Nice fantasy world you are trying to make up, but your posting history shows otherwise and that is why you are so desperately hostile. You are going to get spanked HARD and it couldn't happen to a more deserving guy. Karma is a real beeatch!

      If they get delisted before trading begins and open on the Pinks... forget about $20K. You will end up broke because you will wait too long to sell and will ride it down to pennies.

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      • I'm sitting here drinking a nice whiskey scotch on the rocks and smiling ear to ear on my NQ investment....SA tried to bring NQ down but it did not work.....just keep on dreaming that I am holding the bag but honestly I am out and WAITING TO GET BACK IN......and I will get back in. NQ shareholders are waiting for the AUDIT and when it comes back clean look out I see it running to $ with that said you better hope Fabs AUDIT comes back dirty.....