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  • gonabmyboy gonabmyboy Jan 4, 2014 6:48 AM Flag

    Jon Carnes

    goes to trial Feb. 4th. He's accused of fraud and illegal short selling. Here's the question If convicted will he go to jail, pay a fine or both?

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    • =Jon Carnes goes to trial Feb. 4th.

      Really? What is the case number? What court is holding the "trial"?

      It is amazing how clueless people are that post on these boards. It is idiots like you that are the reason we can't self-invest our social security money. You would lose everything and the rest of us would have to support your retirement.

      Carnes should rightfully get taken down a notch for questionable methods in assembling research material, but the fact remains that he has uncovered many frauds. The ends do NOT justify the means in my opinion and he has done some things wrong. Two wrongs do not make a right and just because he has acted improperly does not mean that all of the documented facts he has disclosed about companies are no longer relevant.

      You fools keep worrying about motives instead of verifying facts no matter where they come from. There has been enough time now that delisting is more likely for FAB.