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  • kaptnkirk53 kaptnkirk53 Jan 21, 2014 7:11 PM Flag

    Re: 10Q who did the accounting? Hopefully its the new Co.

    It seems a little fishy

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    • here is the sign......why would they put out a 10Q/A knowing it is false.....the only way it opens if the SEC grants the opening so if the SEC looks at this 10Q/A and says no way Jose then it does not open.....its that clear and then somebody goes to jail for COOKNG the BOOKS

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      • qdog says: "why would they put out a 10Q/A knowing it is false"

        Geeee, maybe because they're already in DEEP, and because changing more than the bond and bond interest in the calculation (which is already known and admitted to) would spell their quick end?? Ya think?? Don't forget, you're dealing with a company which has most of it's revenue generating assets (supposedly) in China which is almost impossible to verify via US investigators.

        lbcb321 had an EXCELLENT CATCH with the CHANGE IN THE WORDING... (with the word "deployed" strangely absent where it used to be present)... Likely, this is just the beginning of a strategy of ATTEMPTING TO BACK AWAY from the question of how many Kiosks are actually deployed (which they used to claim) and ATTEMPTING to TWIST that question into how many licenses are out there, which is about as meaningful as the "App counts" and "podcast exposure counts" the old WZE used to quote... They've yet to post a Kiosk location list, yet according to their own past filings, Fab is responsible for the location selection, installation, and servicing of those locations (which they apparently can't find(?)....hmmmm ... Not to mention (but I will anyway) the last conference call in which CS couldn't give a straight answer for why the number of Kiosks they claim to have added versus how many they claimed to have before didn't add up to the new total they were claiming... hmmmm

        I'm guessing that ultimately the US team will claim to have believed they were being honest, but to ultimately claim NEW MIRACULOUS REVELATIONS HAVE COME TO LIGHT... and that they ultimately realized they had been deceived by relying on numbers they received and believed they could trust from their Chinese counterparts .. A "convenient" $17 MM + deposit for a building which now they're working on getting back?? Really?? LOL ... Red flags all over this situation.... But qdog's track record of honesty and "good calls', who could question his wisdom... LMAO

      • =the only way it opens if the SEC grants the opening

        You really are clueless. The SEC has nothing to do with it. They may have their own inquiries in the future, but they have nothing to do with this halt. You sure are concerned for someone who has no shares... LMFAO!

        I have about 3% of my brokerage funds tied up here. I shorted around $7 and had some $5 Puts I had to convert to more shares. I already made my money. If this never opens, I never have to buy back the shares. I'll tell you what... I'll cover at $1.80 so you can sell your shares to me.