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  • qdog91111 qdog91111 Jan 30, 2014 6:58 PM Flag

    too all the shorts who think this stock is dead

    and I don't know if it is or not but I will buy back in when it opens....the reason why is because there would have been a leak by now that the WORLDS FINANCIER JAMES ROGERS WOULD HAVE ABANDONED SHIP BY NOW.....James Rogers will not stay with a fraudulent company period.....HAPPY TRAILS GURUSKI/IBCB321.....BOOYA PUNKS

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    • This was also the guy telling you to keep holding at 9ish 10ish. When I warned to take profits. I see you got stuck holding the bags. LMAO

    • =James Rogers will not stay with a fraudulent company period

      I am expecting the resignation of all US BOD members if an investigation does not verify all the kiosks are DEPLOYED that they said. We shall see.

      His attorneys are telling him to clam up right now. The BOD is on notice that their fiduciary duty obligations are being scrutinized. Being a rubber stamp and saying you were duped only goes so far. You need to take quick action when transgressions are verified and they have not. Their liability is rising.

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      • If I were to guess, I'd say the US team already has a pretty good idea that the Kiosk counts aren't what they've been lead to believe by their Chinese counterparts... and as such, they're likely to avoid the subject all together AND INSTEAD attempt to DIVERT the topic to "contracts" (which they appear to already be attempting), which are virtually meaningless (much like podcast audience counts and potential ad exposure counts were/are to WZE)... It also wouldn't surprise me if the Q & A session either disappears from the next conference call, or is replace by PRE-SELECTED questions, so they can avoid/ignore that which they'd prefer to ignore. The "game" is, they'll pretend everything is normal/fine for as long as possible (minus what they've already admitted to) ... And they'll do that until the heat gets too high (lawsuits, investigations, inquiries from the SEC and/or exchanges)... and that could be a while.

        Anyone heard anymore about "independent auditors" going over there to verify the "cash" is ACTUALLY THERE, where it's supposed to be??... And that there actually was real "traceable" money put down on a building (which they're now (supposedly) working on getting back?)?? I'm sure that full Kiosk location list will be released ANY DAY NOW.... LOL

      • You are so stupid ... Youuuu think you know something but you really know nothing .. I would love to slap you

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