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  • joebigbuck joebigbuck Feb 11, 2014 3:23 PM Flag

    Chinese companies being sued....

    "Anybody want to help him out and give a list of Chinese companies that have been sued who didn't go dark? It is extremely unlikely they file again."

    You're living in the old days....ok, two year old days.

    It seems every company I follow these days is being sued by someone for something, Chinese or otherwise. FIO missed on their estimates by a bit and were sued soley for that. It's crazy out there, and getting worse. The reason is it only costs a few bucks (500) to file a lawsuit. Most settlements are for around a million. Not a bad return.

    As for Chinese companies, I don't follow very many, but I know three I folow are being sued (PWRD, GAME and GA).
    All still report and two gave up and the Chinese are taking them private...and the third will follow shortly if
    you're interested (IMO).
    Being sued is a nothing's just a scam.

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    • so u r saying this is a scam suing a scam....nurse ratchet take jib-jabb back to isolation ward for his meds...LOL what a total moron.

    • Joebigbuck,

      I agree with your analysis and think within a month we will have #$%$ trading with an earnings report and a clean bill of health from the independent review. I don't think #$%$'s legal problems are very serious. Such class action claims happen all the time and these claims are lacking reliable evidence, though they are troubling. "Going dark" is a term that is not only equivocal but overly romanticized as well. #$%$ will not go private, and it will not go dark, whatever that means. The truth is the short traders are scared themselves, and for good reason, given the halt. The halt was implemented mostly to catch naughty short traders. But soon the suspense will all be past, and we'll see who was right and who was wrong.

      #$%$ Long Trader

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      • bean u and jib-jab got a little circle jurk going on...kupl of idiot tools.

      • I agree with most of your points. Legal issues are for the most part are minor nuisance, the 4th quarter earnings will come out and show similar growth as previous quarters and no one is going dark.
        But as for going private... I'm not so sure. It won't happen soon, but if the share price stays low for a long period Zhang will take it private...I've seen this play out before with SNDA and GAME. If the market cap stays around 60 million while they make north of 20M a year with 60M in the bank it doesn't take a genius to figure Zhang will just jump on buying the other 25%. He'll just wait a few years and then do an IPO when everyone loves China again. I'm also not sure of the timing of the 3rd party investigation. Last month I checked on the progress and they weren't pass the hiring stage. I hope it stays halted unit then but you never know, FAB"s opinion seemed to be the sooner it opens the better. I told them to best course of action was to wait, but I seriously doubt my opinion means anything to them.
        FAB may be a scam, just like any company I guess. But nothing I have seen or read from the shorts leads me to that conclusion.

        Sentiment: Hold