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  • benjaminterrywilliams benjaminterrywilliams Feb 27, 2014 1:17 PM Flag

    Long FAB Folks - Possible Short Trader Webbot Targeting of FAB Message Board

    Hi All Long FAB Folks

    Though our short brothers and sisters may disagree, I am back to thinking that the influx of webbot thrash messages on our board may be designed and executed to discourage our participation on this board. I don't really think so at this point but I am aware it's possible.

    Those stupid webbot blurb messages are like unpleasant static. hey ruin the message board experience.I checked a few other stock message boards on Yahoo and the problem did not exist or was negligible.

    It's possible we are experiencing a cyber attack of sorts. I mean, really, why are the webbots here, and who has the time, expertise, and money to create the webbots? They well be n "attack" from a powerful short trading faction. Sure, short trading is legal and good, but also preferred by marginal or criminal elements for obvious reasons: manipulation is everything in short and distort, you know.

    Let's monitor this situation and keep an eye on it. I predict our big redemption opportunity is coming up in March when FAB starts trading again, and I want nothing unfairly manipulating the market. Certainly, no ridiculous defamatory articles and no webbots...

    FAB Guy

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    • OMG! Are you for real? These posts have been on EVERY board I have been on today and you still think it is all some conspiracy directed at FAB? So now your conspiracy theory is that a FAB short-seller is targeting hundreds of message boards in order to discourage people from looking at the message board for a stock that hasn't even traded for months.

      Seek help.