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  • benjaminterrywilliams benjaminterrywilliams Mar 13, 2014 7:29 AM Flag

    For a Good Laugh, Check Out the Alfred Little (Jon Carnes) Blog

    For a good laugh, check out the Alfred Little (Jon Carnes) Blog. You can get to the site by searching "Alfred Little Blog". The short and distort articles that sunk FAB's stock price in advance of the bond article were posted on this blog and pushed out by Seeking Alpha.

    While I think this transformation of the Carnes blog as a research site is too late to help Carnes, he clearly thinks it's better to present research articles authored by others late (after the BCSC Silvercorp accusations) than never. I know you've been really wanting to read about how constraining the limits to arbitrage are. So enjoy! Of course, this seems to be a ploy by Carnes to demonstrate NBER is a working research entity and using the blog to publish articles, and not just short and distort articles. That's my opinion.

    The BCSC Silvercorp accusations mention Carnes' use of the blog for his own purposes, while stating the blog's articles were never from outsiders. My guess is Carnes' attorney suggested he publish a few profound research articles. According to my assessment, it can't hurt Carnes, but it can't help him either. The facts of Carnes' historical blog usage are a minor issue compared to the BCSC allegations that, for his own gain, Carnes published false negative reports that he knew to be untrue. Carnes' BCSC hearing in the Silvercorp case is 11/16/14.

    What does this mean for FAB? It means that Carnes is under extreme pressure to defend himself and his Silvercorp/FAB articles. I am assuming there were some truths in Carnes' articles against FAB, but the gross exaggeration and defamation, coupled with deliberate distortion of key facts, coupled with synchronized trading, appear to me to cross the line into the realm of manipulation of stock prices for gain. Justice will be served over the next year or two, and this discovery process will contribute to a rise in FAB's stock price as what is fact and fiction in Carnes' article is revealed. That's my prediction.

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    • a bigger laugh is my 2200 shares that have been at $3.07 since Nov.

    • I read through Carnes article again and couldn't help but laugh about some of his allegations and the proof he presents.

      Turns out the his piracy claims were all based on the Kiosks at that single store and his Kiosks claims were based on "the chick with the business card" with the office that didn't exist.

      The one manufacturer Carnes claimed sold Kiosks to FAB in 2007-2008 (it should be noted in 2007 FAB wasn't selling anything) was comical. He stated the Kiosks didn't work because FAB was too cheap to upgrade the parts and that FAB was in his opinion was a scam.

      IMO this piece was clearly put together to follow up the bond story. Without the bond Carnes "investigation" is just plain silly. But with the bond it was powerful mover of the share price.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • You are a hypocrite. You have Carnes "convicted" without the evidence being heard yet say FAB is definitely guilty of NOTHING even though they have confirmed the major allegation and have done nothing to refute the second major allegation. I am no fan of Carnes. I am on record saying that about all of the shorts issuing their reports for personal gain. My opinions on this matter are well-documented for years on these boards even though the delusional here seem to think that anybody who conducts a legal short trade is all in cahoots with nefarious forces.

      If Carnes overstepped his bounds regarding Silvercorp, he will rightfully be taken down a notch or two. You are mentally ill with deep denial and delusions if you believe just because Carnes may have done something wrong it is PROOF that FAB is innocent of every allegation. Their transgressions will be confirmed or refuted based on the merits and not your dislike of somebody who wrote a blog.

      Get real.

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      • "My opinions on this matter are well-documented for years on these boards even though the delusional here seem to think that anybody who conducts a legal short trade is all in cahoots with nefarious forces."

        I don't believe that at all. I short all time. What I do believe is you are an idiot who fell for the Canes Scam and is living in the past (2011).
        I get it, picking Chinese scams was like shooting ducks in a barrel and many prospered from exposing them back in 2011.
        But times have changed, all the knowledge of those scams was present when FAB did it's acquisition and Rogers came on board. Now clearly Zhang needs a lesson in corporate ethics/law but I see nothing to indicate he's a thief (which assumes Spencer is an accomplice and Rogers is an idiot).

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      • benjaminterrywilliams benjaminterrywilliams Mar 13, 2014 10:07 AM Flag


        You wrote:

        "You have Carnes "convicted" without the evidence being heard yet..."

        Tell me... are you reading my article or just projecting all your wishes on my post? Don't blow away the ground you stand on by making such ridiculous statements. I have taken care to NOT do as you say. Once you get proper care, trust me, you will see this.

        FAB Guy