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  • stockinvestment stockinvestment Apr 2, 2014 12:32 PM Flag

    LBCB, my teammate, are you a liar or traitor, or both?

    Clicking 'lbcb321' on Yahoo, STOCKINVESTMENT found LBCB is wandering on this board and ABAT board most frequently. Googling 'advanced battery (ABAT) alfred little', STOCKINVESTMENT noticed his boss was wrongly accused by ABAT a few years back. Obviously, LBCB321 is still heavily involved in this old project.

    Alfred Little, my boss, LBCB321 claims that 95% of his posts are irrelevant to Boss' short-selling projects. Is LBCB321 a liar or traitor, or both?

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    • =his boss was wrongly accused by ABAT a few years back

      LOL! what are you talking about? Show me any link between A*L, Carnes and ABAT. There is none. show me just one reference by ABAT that A*L or Carnes was their accuser. Not saying it isn't so... I just haven't seen it. I'm not being facetious... I think that would be interesting and would really like to see it. Can't find it with what you posted... give a better way to find the link.

      It really is hilarious all the aliases will continue to come out and bury relevant posts with nonsense that has nothing to do with FAB. Desperate people do desperate things.