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  • aaabbbcccabcabcabc aaabbbcccabcabcabc Apr 6, 2014 2:04 AM Flag

    By the way, for the curious, here is gist of where FAB's Beijing kiosks are

    This info in the next paragraph is guaranteed to be correct. Time permitting, go get yourself a Chinese person and you can do the basic searches to find the article inside an hour.

    The article says there are presently about 4500 FAB kiosks in Beijing right now and the target is 10,000 in Beijing and 100,000 throughout China by 2015 . The article also states details about where the kiosks are located around Beijing with one named customer. I could give more details, but will hold off for now. The kiosks are where anyone who half way knows FAB would have assumed they are. Of course, this is only an article and does not count the kiosks, etc.

    The important PR news announcements will come this week from FAB and/or NYSE. But I did feel obligated to post this info out there because some are curious. I have no motive other than satisfying your curiosity. I don't think FAB will start trading any time soon, and whatever comes out in the PR announcements before the market open will be what drives the market.

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    • LMAO! You make up a brand new alias to post a lie:

      "This info in the next paragraph is guaranteed to be correct."

      Really? It's GUARANTEED to be correct? And just who is issuing this GUARANTEE?

      You deserve all your misfortune. Your desperation keeps increasing as you are making up new aliases to post phantom stories that are GUARANTEED to be correct.

      I can't even imagine who your target audience is at this point. You are really scraping along trolling for the most clueless members of our society if you think they will buy this nonsense with a brand new ID that has made exactly one post yet is up to speed on all things FAB yet "I have no motive other than satisfying your curiosity."

      LOL! You crack me up with your desperation!

      • 1 Reply to lbcb321
      • Comrade lbcb321

        We confused. You say in many of your other posts that motive not important, only facts, and how they stand up or fall. We confused.

        Are you what dictionary calls a h-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e? You call an honest person a liar without doing your checking.
        You know, you change from post to post to suit your purposes and have no real honor or sense of truth.

        We have old Chinese saying from Confucius:

        Idiot snooze, he lose.... ,,, and remain idiot.