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  • bethpowersnf bethpowersnf Apr 8, 2014 11:43 AM Flag

    Off with his head......

    Someone should make a statement by cutting off Chris Spincers head to show the world what happens when you creat fraud companies and mess with millions of dollar of investors money. Maybe only then will this stop. Investment on his head anyone?

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    • =when you creat fraud companies and mess with millions of dollar of investors money.

      He may be guilty of messing with investor's money and he may be guilty of failing in his oversight duties, but we don't know yet that Spencer is guilty of knowingly perpetrating a fraud. It is still possible he was duped by Zhang. Pretty gullible to believe all the numbers coming out of China with so many inconsistencies, but ignorance will be a partial defense for him.

      What he has control over and where he is failing currently is by not getting some sort of a statement made publicly. It is inexcusable to not make a PR when you know you will not be making a required filing in a timely manner. When you are proactive about this, it at least gives shareholders the impression that there are still people at work and they are still thinking about you. The message they are sending now is, "We are going to break the law and don't even regard you as worthy of knowing our reasons."

      Oh wait, a "basher" said this so it must be against the shareholders. It is amazing that shareholders in our markets are too clueless to know what their rights are and what side they are on. YOU are the boss. You control the BOD and the BOD guides executive management to do your bidding. Why are people too ignorant to understand this? The first time a BOD fails to fulfill their legal obligation of acting in a fiduciary manner towards shareholders, they need to be replaced. Where is the outrage? Shareholders should be assembling their own slate of directors and using their legal options to force a vote on them and replace those who are not acting in their best interests. You aren't powerless... why are you acting that way?

      It may make you feel better to joke about off with his head, but you can put that energy into taking back YOUR company.

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      • LBCB

        You bottom feed stocks on these boards, and I'm sure the bethpowersnf ID helps you accomplish what you want in this area, such as over on IWEB, and in coordination with your other IDs. A quick review of Beth's posts gives me the impression she serves as a set up for sage comments for other ID's, such as your own LBCB. You did seem very presidential in your response to "Beth," who is about the most business-only woman stocktrader I have seen in a while, meaning her ID is probably mostly used by a man.

        I am mystified by why you waste your time making your post today. Clearly, you want to recruit FAB stockholders to do your dirty work and go to FAB and SEC on your behalf. I see that. But why do this so late in the game when the coming PR or other news will control everything.

        I guess that great philosopher Berra, said it best: "It aint over till it's over."

        I see you are nervous, wondering why the axe has not fallen... So let's see what happens....

      • Has anyone tried calling IR lately? Or were all the phone convos people supposedly had faked?
        Nonetheless #$%$ is super late in releasing 10k as compared to last year, so if we don't hear anything soon us longs are in deep trouble. Facts are facts no matter how much my wallet cringes.