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  • djt1223 djt1223 Apr 17, 2014 3:06 AM Flag

    A List Of FAB News Headlines Over The Past Few Months

    I never post here just thought I would share my research. I made two lengthy and compelling cases one for bulls and one for bears but yahoo rejected the posts for links. c'est la vie.

    FAB China does have a sina and a wiebo blog. Some good information for those who want to research further. Also, FAB and their subsidiaries are aggressively hiring with numerous jobs for android developers, lottery operations and sales.

    Here are the news article headlines for FAB China Operations over the past few months:

    17 Apr 2014 -- FAB premium video platform will be unveiled at the Beijing International Film Festival.
    16 Apr 2014 -- Grand Opening of FAB Lufthansa Wangfujing is the launch of their new audio/video store.
    27 Mar 2014 -- [FAB] set up branch offices in Tianjin Wuqing to vigorously expand 5C Terminals in Beijing.
    19 Mar 2014 -- Interview with FAB Chairman Zhang Hongcheng who expects 100,000 5C Kiosks by 2015.
    03 Mar 2014 -- FAB unveils new Lottery kiosk in Guangzhou (with cool pics of the new kiosks).
    28 Feb 2014 -- FAB content operations division launched the European pay packages on "millet box"
    14 Jan 2014 -- Chairman Zhanghong Cheng won gold brand Brand of the Year Award
    09 Jan 2014 -- Chairman Zhang Hongcheng wins 35th anniversary reform award (bad translation)
    08 Jan 2014 -- How the Netflix Model May Look at FAB Universal
    12 Dec 2013 -- FAB group won the 2013 China's most influential corporate copyright award

    I have the email addresses and phone numbers of their entire management team in Pittsburgh (They wont answer or return messages) if anyone wants them please email me privately. Now if we could just get a PR from Chris Spencer I would be obliged (He used to work for Lottery USA according to his linkedin profile so prob an educated guess of why they expanded into the Lottery kiosks).

    Today (17 Apr) is the deadline listed on their last 8-K to respond to the NYSE on why they didn't file a NT 10-K so we hopefully hear some news today as to their plans

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • great site, just signed up

    • djt1223,

      Again, excellent research...

      If you have more info on top 3 please post here. These are important and new to me. I think all other links are good, except I think the following one is a reprint of a September 2013 article from Ken Nagy. It's good but probably overly speculative.

      08 Jan 2014 -- How the Netflix Model May Look at FAB Universal

    • Ive prob put at least 50 tireless hours of research into #$%$ over the last month on just about everything possible. If you have any inquiries I can prob find where to direct you. Just let me know.

    • And now for the research:

      Bond Offering: Not disclosing a bond offering by their VIE is a blatant violation. They did update their past two 10-Q’s but idk how not disclosing it will play out with the SEC. It shows me that Chris Spencer and the poor Pittsburg management team has no clue what is happening with their 24% of the company.

      Audit: The audit is going to take months (reference NQ, they got hit by MW in Oct and their audit is due at the end of this month). My best guess is they hired Loeb and Loeb to handle their lawsuits. Loeb is based in the US though they have a China website and whole division dedicated to and have previously successfully defended class actions suits involving china mergers. Loeb then hired FTI consulting as FTI has the forensic investigation experience in international audits. Both are very well respected firms from my research.

      Lawsuits: I was able to find five lawsuits that made it through to the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York involving Chris Spencer, John Busshaus (CFO) and FAB with the last one filed on 21 FEB. These will all be merged into one class action as they all currently have the same judge listed who has been on the bench for 40 years, nominated by Jimmy Carter, and is semi-retired. (If anyone is a lawyer or has access to PACER and can help me gain access to the motions filed I would be obliged).

      My two cents: They lawsuits are arbitrary and we live in a litigious society. There are hundreds of class action suits currently pending for all sorts of “misleading information” listed on 10-K’s all which we rarely hear about. This is going to take years and will never see a jury. One guy represented as the lead plaintiff has 400 shares.

      Outcome: It will take some time but from the way FAB is progressing and will the full backing of the Chinese government they will prevail. Currently their market cap is less than their cash on hand and I see more growth to come over the coming years.

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      • djt1223

        I think FAB's "verification" of the BOD findings will, potentially at least, go a little quicker. If I understand correctly the FTI investigative services are for the purpose of verifying, or independently investigating, the FAB BOD's internal findings. I don't think this is as detailed as an audit of finances, etc., per NQ. Plus FAB is smaller. But time will tell...

      • Nice summary of negatives, and valid conclusion... it seems to me if FAB has a good explanation for the bond thing then that would help. It's quite possible. But it's possible the bond thing is the tip of the iceberg. I don't think so but it's possible.