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  • stack.klac stack.klac May 8, 2014 2:06 PM Flag

    where is guruski

    ha ha ha ha ha Fab delisted......serves Spencer and crew right

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    • ?? Where should I be? Did I miss something new? Did the publish the Kiosk address list? Gee, I wonder why not? LOL

      I've been skeptical of this "Fab Deal" since it was first announced (and my posting history on the topic is easily verified). Remember how few (if any) of the "Pumping Crew" believed me when I told them how the dilution would work.. (ref: Angry Jeff, Billbfitt, etc for you old timers :) )....

      Prior to the "fraud" accusations hitting the wires I stated, during the "dump" AFTER the last "pump" phase, I stated: ".....The "bleeding" from the pumped high is due to the FACTS about the upcoming dilution hitting the wires. Few momentum chasing investors knew that the valuation measures on the stock should have been done against 50 million plus fully diluted shares rather than the currently outstanding 20 million. IT MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE. Few knew that most of the positive, "objective" sounding PR was actually BOUGHT AND PAID FOR by the company. Few knew that the upper management who talked so positively about Fab's great future were also net sellers IN BULK of the stock at the same time...."

      To which I remember "stack-klac" responding with:.... "50 million share is nothing....its a one time and done see ya at $25" (check Oct 2, 2013)

      The "pumping crew" on this forum (many of which have come and gone over the years) will seemingly never learn... But it's RATHER HUMOROUS to expose them and their agenda time and again :)

      Good Luck to all.

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      • If you remember the dilution issue was the first shot the shorts took at FAB. It never really took hold because the dilution was laid out in every 10Q they filed. It was never a secret. I guess it was a shock for day traders when the SA article came out, since the majority either don't know how or have no interest in reading a 10Q.

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