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  • truthwantsout truthwantsout Jun 6, 2014 2:41 AM Flag

    Langfang story is big thing


    I just wanted to say that I have spent about 3 hours running down various details from the recent 80k 5c FAB news story. This new contract seems to be the culmination of several previous FAB PRs over the last 1-2 years and looks to be evidence of the fact that FAB has established itself as one of the leading innovative automated solution providers with great prospects going forward. The Langfang Export Processing Zone (Langfang EPZ) is indeed a hotbed of activity.

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    • You can tell it

    • You can tell when I really hit a nerve... post after post of nonsense to bury the relevant, damaging ones.

      The Spencer and Busshaus credibility problems are spilling over to Future Healthcare (FUTU). That is well on the way to going BK and the market cap is down to $760K. Can you believe the nerve of someone to take out a $16,000 a month lease on a building in Florida which is more than what USED to be the total profits for their operating companies out west? Absolutely amazing. I wonder if they are sub-leasing it and pocketing the money. I have no proof of this... it just seems strange. I saw the building on Google Earth and can't understand why they would need this venue.

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      • LB

        The only nerve you hit with me were the first couple of weeks I ever saw your posts. An eternity ago. I thought who in the world is this as*hole so full of himself with so much time to post analyses. After that, I developed an immunity to you. And yes, you have a good knowledge of at-risk stocks, I admit. But no reason for the bad "bedside manor". Just twist the knife with a smile. Don't be so rude, etc.

      • LB

        You are projecting your problems onto me. #$%$TU* has very little to do with #$%$, except the senior management team. I did that Google search 6 months ago. There is no need to have it in Montana or Wyoming. You are as bad an of an analyst as Carnes. Much too conspiracy-theory driven. Or maybe like Block.... Get a life...