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  • truthwantsout truthwantsout Jul 4, 2014 9:20 AM Flag

    Independence Day Predictions

    Predictions are risky but why not. I predict FAB will file its 2014 Q1 10-Q on the coming Friday (4/11/14) or Monday (7/14/14). Worst case is a draft 10-Q ready for filing is presented at the hearing. I predict that FAB will also present a draft of its internal investigative report at the NYSE hearing. I predict only minor offenses if any will be identified, exposing the Carnes articles as deceptive manipulation. In addition, various officers, directors, attorneys, and auditors will present a business case at the hearing that FAB has come into compliance and continued listing is the fairest decision. The good thing about predictions is that they either come to pass or do not. I don't believe in the style of ongoing deceptive mudraking LBCB hangs his hat on. I am not a con man. I make these predictions not with inside information but according to what FAB needs to do. I have substantial confidence in the FAB officers. Their best interests are my best interests as a long shareholder.

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