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  • qdog91111 qdog91111 Jul 25, 2014 2:36 PM Flag

    Afraid to answer my question about Stephanie Prince

    scared to say she walked and didn't want to be associated with a fraud company eh

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    • It's HILARIOUS watching you whine qdog, because ANYONE who's been around this forum for a while KNOWS it's only a matter of time before you FLIP... The company will release some PR and/or some PR flunky will pump sunshine up your #$%$ again, and you'll be RIGHT BACK "pumping" your nonsense...

      QDOG91111 SAYS:
      -July 20th (positive)... "Fab will rock in 2015.... mark it Guruski"
      - July 9th (positive again)... "scared...straight....I will be back in

      - July 3rd (negative)... ."Fab will go down also if it ever opens.....nobody trust a #$%$....once a #$%$ always a #$%$"
      - June 29th... "its still halted #$%$.....and if we see a short squeeze it will be short lived because there will be a lot of dumping because shareholders and institution have lost credibility"
      - June 25th... "can you say DELIST"
      - May 21st...(negative) "Now look at Fab its going to get delisted"

      And a few months earlier...
      - Feb 16th.. (positive). ".the DOG believes in Fab so get ready to cover old man"

      - Jan 28th... "...NQ $40 by yrs end

      Guru2563 (that's ME) said December 28, 2013: ..." QDOG CLAIMS: " I had to sell everything @ $5.60 and took a $25,000 loss" .....Hmmm... And exactly what date did you "sell everything" qdog?? CARE TO EXPLAIN how that "jives" with your other claims, one being that you were "still sitting calmly with my 9800 shares" on Nov 19th??

      SHOULD I GIVE QDOG A HINT (because this is likely FAR over his head)?? lol... HOW were YOU qdog "sitting calmly with 9800 shares" on Nov 19th, AND CLAIMING LATER to have sold everything $5.60 WHEN Fab hasn't traded above $4.40 since Nov 19th?? LMAO ... Care to explain QDOG ?? That's what I thought... LMAO "

    • How about she is a Spencer and Rogers

    • qdog... are you implying Stephanie was an employee of FAB Universal and she quit? You are clueless. She is employed by an investor relations firm in New York and according to her LinkedIn profile is still employed there:

      "Investor Relations Consultant at Lippert/Heilshorn & Associates"

      It isn't unusual for a company to get rid of their investor relations firm when they quit being transparent with shareholders. I don't know if they still use LHA or not, but you are way off base when you claim Stephanie "walked" as if she was an employee of FAB or it was her decision if they no longer have a business relationship with the firm she worked for.

      At least you quit blasting the guy who died. There are plenty of people to hold accountable, but an IR flunkie who is repeating what she is told is not one of them.