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  • gumshoe_waldorf gumshoe_waldorf Aug 12, 2014 9:18 AM Flag

    New Alfred Little Blog Post

    Check out his website for a hint of what he sent to regulators and Loeb & Loeb

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    • "In order to give the public a better understanding of the extent of FAB's fraud, I will soon publish all of my evidence previously shared with both securities regulators and FAB's internal investigation counsel, Loeb&Loeb. Most of the evidence has never been published, including interviews of 10 current or former FAB employees conducted after the NYSE trading halt."

      There are a bunch of specifics listed. Hey, Joe... want to know what the bond was used for?:

      "I will also show proof that FAB conducted an undisclosed acquisition of another Beijing kiosk company, Beijing Vanpos Telecom, during the first half of 2013, around the time of FAB's secret Chinese bond issuance. Vanpos operated around 1000 self-payment type kiosks at the time of the acquisition. I believe that the purpose of the secret acquisition was to be able to boost the Beijing kiosk count to fool FAB's auditor, by placing "FAB" stickers on the Vanpos kiosks as shown below"

      (Pictures of FAB stickers on these other kiosks)

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      • It's what you would expect from Carnes, he's pulling out all the stops to cover as low and as soon as was always his plan.

        Of course you hang on every word he posts, you fell for the Carnes Scam.

        He kept digging, even after the halt, and especially after that 10K was filed showing FAB has around 5 dollars a share in cash and was profitable. Why?

        IMO this is not a small bet for Carnes, which is why he's so busy this morning releasing every bit of info he has saved up over the last 8 months.

        Pity the shorts get a shot at covering like this. They'll still be a short squeeze, as Carnes knows he needs to cover before the Loeb report gets out.

        Hogan always said it was better to be lucky than good (shorting for the Carnes Scam and then falling into the bond), but you can't make a career out of it.

        BTW, the last FAB employee he interviewed was the chick with the business card, can't wait to see who he interviews next.

      • 9:30 am on Tuesday and still no delisting filing on SEC website....