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  • mishka8793 mishka8793 Jul 22, 2010 9:51 AM Flag

    Where's the love?

    Nice distribution boost, and yet NGLS isn't sharing in the big moves that all the other MLPs I follow are having today. Oh well, maybe sid is right.

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    • You'll have to give me the post where I said CPNO is a dog. Not sure why I would own it if it's a dog. You'll also have to give me my post where I said NGLS is a great stock too. The most bizarre thing about this whole conversation is that you don't even like CPNO per your own posts. You're not even short NGLS. Your just here because, well, I have no friggin' clue as to why. Also, if you knew anything about MLPs you'd know why NGLS is down big today and after hours. Hint: it's got nothing to do with a note offering like you posted. Now that the drop down and financing is out of the way, there should be a great opportunity to significantly add to my position. I suppose that doesn't mean anything to you, but then again you haven't given me any reason to be impressed with you.

    • for about a month now you have been bragging about what a great stock NGLS is, and what a dog CPNO keep telling me to hang around and see you to make money on NGLS.

      Well take a look right now,little buddy, NGLS fell out of bed after hours on that new note offering...!

      As far as NGLS goes, I owned it from $24.70 to $27.90 about 3 or 4 weeks I am very satisfied with my profits there.

    • I know, it's awesome about CPNO. Too bad you blew that call, whereas I get all of the upside on CPNO and you get squat. As far as NGLS, looks like good news to me today. The drop down has finally occurred, that should allow NGLS to run once the issuance price is announced. Stick around, you might actually learn how these things work, and how to make some money.

    • ETP set the stage for the other MLP players... they were all due for a correction anyway. How many MLP investors are in it for the short run and act like traders instead of investors? When you see abnormal price rises expect abnormal price corrections based on trader speculation and short term profit taking. Hopefully you've invested at lower prices and will keep your eyes on the longer view.

    • i dont know what you are all complaining about. MWE CPNO are at the same price today as they were prior to their distrbution. they paid theres on july 29th...VNR paid theres the same day NGLS did and they are down today as well ? you need to get more in tune to the market....and stop your negativity....

    • Good question ? Kinda expected a bump based on that news.


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